Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Cheats

Money Cheats

Always wanted to be rich on club penguin? This page has club penguin cheats and tutorials to help you become rich on club penguin, so that you can buy those clothes, or decorate your igloo the way you want to.

Astro Barrier

Astro Barrier Cheats:

Inside the upstairs of the Night Club, known as the Dance Lounge you can play Astro Barrier.


How to play Astro Barrier:

This arcade game is located in the Lounge above the Night Club. Use arrow and spacebar keys to shoot moving targets. There are over 30 levels. Coins are awarded for points earned.

Astro Barrier Cheats:

You can skip in astro barrier. Here’s how to skip levels:

  • Click on yes to play Astro Barrier. Then on the start page press 1 on your keyboard to go to level 10.
  • astrobarrierlevel10

  • Click on yes to play Astro Barrier. Then on the start page press 2 on your keyboard to go to level 20.
  • astrobarrierlevel20

  • Click on yes to play Astro Barrier. Then on the start page press 3 on your keyboard to go to level 30.


Complete level 30, then wait for the blue ship to appear. Shoot anywhere but do not shoot the turret.


You will go to the secret levels. Here is what the first secret level looks like:


Whenever you see blue dots, shoot them first. You will get one extra life.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:



Bean Counters

Bean Counters Cheats

You can play the game known as Bean Counters at the Coffee Shop.


There are four levels of Bean Counters. Here is a table with info on all of them:

How to play Bean Counters:

Go to the Coffee Shop and click the bag of coffee with the word Java written on it to play. Earn coins for catching and stacking bags of coffee as they fly out of the delivery truck. There are five delivery trucks—unload them all and earn bonus coins. Read the instructions before playing for more information.

Bean Counters Cheats:

If you unload all the trucks perfectly, you will receive a 60 coin bonus.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Cheats

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Talk to the Sensei in the far right corner of the Dojo. The Sensei will give you a free starter deck for Card-Jitsu.

next to sensei

4. When playing Card-Jitsu, use card type and number to beat your opponent’s cards. Use this chart for help.


There are two different ways to win in Card-Jitsu.

1. Get all 3 types of cards (each must be a different color).
2. Get 3 cards of the same type (each must be a different color).

Club Penguin Earning Ninja Belts

In Card-Jitsu, you receive ninja belts for winning games. This chart shows how many wins are needed for each belt.

White belt – 5 total wins needed.
Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed.
Orange belt – 21 total wins needed.
Green belt – 30 total wins needed.
Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

Here is a chart with a picture of all the ninja belts.

ninja belts

The chat above only applies in competition mode.

Club Penguin Playing the Sensei

Once you become a black belt ninja, you may play the Sensei in Card-Jitsu in Sensei Mode. It will take at least 8 times to beat the Sensei. Once you win, you have access to the Ninja Hideout.

Here’s how to get to the Ninja Hideout:

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Click on the Ninja Hideout door.

hideout door

Here’s what the Ninja Hideout looks like:


You can buy items from the Martial Arts catalog like the ninja suit and much more. If you dance with the ninja suit and the ninja mask from the Sensei, you become invisible!

transparent ninja

The Martial Artworks catalog items are available for members only. Let me know if you are a ninja on Club Penguin.

Card-Jitsu Fire

Card-Jitsu Fire

You can become a fire ninja on Club Penguin by playing Card-Jitsu Fire at the Dojo. Here’s the Club Penguin cheats guide to becoming a ninja. Follow it carefully, and you will be a fire ninja in no time!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire Cheats:

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Go to the Ninja Hideout.
4. Go to the Volcano by clicking on the tomb and going through the door.

5. Talk to the Fire SenseiSensei will give you the fire deck for Card-Jitsu fire.

Card-Jitsu fire is all about the number of the card. When playing Card-Jitsu fire, select one of the center stones. It will give you a number of 1-6 which will then give you an option of which type of card you want to play.

  • If you lands on water, ice, or fire then it will be a water, ice or fire battle. In this case, always choose the highest number of the card type chosen.
  • If two penguins land on the same stone, or the stone has two Card-Jitsu cards on it, there will be a regular Card-Jitsu battle. In this case, choose whichever card you think will beat your opponent.
  • If you lands on the spot with a water, ice, and fire on it then it will be your choice which card type will be played. In this case, choose the type which you have the highest number for.

The object of the game is to make your opponents run out of energy, which can be found on the left side of each penguin icon. You can gain energy by beating an opponent in a 1 vs. 1 Card-Jitsu battle. If you lose a battle, you will lose one energy.

Once you have received your fire ninja deck, you will be able to compete for your fire ninja outfit. To do this, click on the “Earn your Fire Suit” option.

On the left side of the Volcano, you will see a legend with all of the Fire Ninja clothing items.

Remember, you can check the percent you have completed and the next item you will unlock by clicking on the progress bar in the bottom right corner at the Volcano.

Once you have unlocked all of the Fire Ninja items, you will be able to beat Sensei. It may take a couple of times to beat Sensei, but after you beat him you are considered a Fire Ninja.

When you have completed the journey of becoming a Fire Ninja, you will be able to do the Fire Ninja dance. To do this, put on all of the Fire Ninja clothes and press D to dance.

Let me know if this guide helped you become a fire ninja on Club Penguin!

(This game is for members only) 

Cart Surfer

Cart Surfer Cheats

Inside the mine shack, you can play the mini game known as Cart Surfer.


How to play Cart Surfer:

Located in the Mine at the Underground, in Cart Surfer you will speed along a minetrack in a cart. Earn points for tricks; use keyboard arrows and spacebar to discover trick combinations. Cart Surfer is a single-player game. It’s great to play when you want to earn a lot of coins in a short amount of time.

Cart Surfer Cheats:

Don’t do the same trick twice. You will receive half the amount of points than usual. Go back and forth between the back flip by pressing the down arrow then space bar for 100 points, then do the spin by pressing space bar then left or right arrow.


When turning around corners, be sure to press the down arrow and the direction that you have to turn. You will get more points.


Crash on purpose. You will be able to get more time to play. Remember to crash 3 times on purpose then do not crash for the rest of the level. This will give you the most amount of tries to get a higher score.

Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Cachin' Waves

Catchin’ Waves Cheats

You can play the surfing game known as Catchin’ Waves at the Cove.


There are four different game modes which all players can play Catchin’ Waves in: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition, and Survival.


Here is a table that describes all the game modes for Catchin’ Waves:

How to play Catchin’ Waves:

Want to go surfing? Head to the Cove and click on the Surf Hut. Choose a surf mode: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition, or Survival mode. Earn points for tricks and jumps.

For a different surfing experience, surfboard upgrades are available for members in the Sport Shop catalog. Upgraded surfboards are added to your inventory after purchase.

Catchin’ Waves Cheats:

Members can buy surfboards from the catalog in the bottom right or on the note by the Surf Hut.


Wear any surfboard and when you play Catchin’ Waves you will have a surfboard to get more coins.


All players can bring a red puffle with them when surfing to get more coins.


Chrisdog93’s High Score:


Dance Contest

Dance Contest Cheats

Inside the Night Club, you can play Dance ContestCadence hosts the game, and is seen whenever you get a combo. Click on the Dance Contest stand to play.


All players can play one of 6 different songs: The Generic Way, Penguin Band Boogie, Patrick’s Jig, Go West, Let’s Bounce, and Epic Win.


Member’s have the option to play multiplayer with other penguins online.

How to play Dance Contest:

Single Player: Penguins looking to boogie can waddle over to the Night Club and bust some moves in the Dance Contest. Just listen to the beat and press the arrow keys when they line up with the arrows on the top of your screen.

Multiplayer: For members only, there’s a multiplayer mode where penguins can use their dance skills to show who’s got the best moves.

Dance Contest Cheats:

Bring your purple puffle with you when playing Dance Contest. Your purple puffle will dance and score you more points.


After playing the game, you can click on Stats to view how you scored.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:



DJ3K Cheats

The DJ3K game can be played at the Night Club on Club Penguin. It is a new game and was introduced in June 2009.


There are one music track which all players can play called Classic. Members can play: Funky, Jungle, Festival, and Classic by purchasing the records from the catalog in the bottom right corner.


How to play DJ3K:

Want to make some noise? Go to the Night Club and be a DJ. Click the speakers on the left side of the screen to get started. Use your mouse to click on the equipment and create some music. It’s a great way to hone your DJ skills. Get paid coins for the amount of time you spend making music.

DJ3K Cheats:

Members can buy more trackers from the catalog in the bottom right.


Create a mix by adding sounds. Make the best beat you can and try to make your penguin happy.

dance fever

If you leave your window open for over 5 minutes, you will get over 250 coins.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Find Four

Find Four Cheats

Inside the Ski Village, you can play the multiplayer game Find Four.


How to play Find Four:

In the Ski Lodge and the Lodge Attic you can play this game with a friend. To win, stack four pieces in a row diagonally, vertically, or straight across. Alternate turns with your opponent.

Find Four Cheats:

If you fill the board completely up, you will each get 5 coins.


If you win in find four, you will get 10 coins and if you lose you will get 5.

Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Hydro Hopper

Hydro Hopper Cheats

You can play the wave boarding game known as Hydro Hopper at the Dock.


How to play Hydro Hopper:

Go to the speedboat at the Dock to go for a ride. Tubing behind a boat is always fun but watch out for debris in the water. Use your mouse to navigate.

Hydro Hopper Cheats:

Members can buy wakeboards from the catalog in the bottom right corner.


Wear any wakeboard when playing Hydro Hopper and you will get more coins.


Hop over more than one item at a time to earn more points.


Don’t try to hop over buoys or you will get knocked off your board.


Try to grab the life ring whenever you can for an extra life.


Play as many levels as you can. The higher level you are on, the more coins you will get.

Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Cheats

At the Ski Lodge, you can play the game known as Ice Fishing.


Members can wear the Flashing Fishing Lure Rod when playing. You will wear it in the game and be able to catch the gray fish. Buy the Flashing Fishing Lure Rod from the catalog in the bottom left.


How to play Ice Fishing:

Go out the back door of the Ski Lodge located in the Ski Village. Drop your line in the water and when you catch a fish pull it above the hole and click. Every fish caught equals one coin. If you catch the BIG fish, you earn bonus coins. Use your mouse to move your line above and below the water.

Ice Fishing Cheats:

Members can wear the Flashing Fishing Lure Rod when playing Ice Fishing to catch the gray fish. Gray fish give you twice as many coins as yellow fish.


When you start to see the shadow of the big red fish named Mullet, keep a yellow fish on your line.


Mullet will come and bite the yellow fish off of your hook. You will get a 100 coin bonus.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Jet Pack Adventure

Jetpack Adventure Cheats

At the top of the Beacon, you can play the game known as Jetpack adventure.


How to play Jetpack Adventure:

Strap on a jet pack and fly when you go to the Beacon located at the Lighthouse. Collect coins as you fly and watch out for obstacles. Use your mouse to navigate through each level. Look for extra fuel cans and jet packs—you need them to complete the game.

Jetpack Adventure Cheats:

Make it through the whole level without receiving one coin and you will get the 1000 coin bonus.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:



Mancala Cheats

Inside the book room, you can play the multiplayer game known as Mancala.


How to play Mancala:

Play this game with a friend when you go to the Book Room located above the Coffee Shop. Alternate turns with your opponent; the game ends when a player has no more stones in his/her side of the board. The player with the greatest number of stones in his/her Mancala is the winner. Click on the Mancala poster at the back of the Book Room to read more instructions on how to play.

Mancala Cheats:

There is an instructions guide on the wall for mancala.


You can get a free turn when the last stone that moves goes into your side.


Your stone will be captured when your last stone falls into an empty hole.


The object of the game is to get as many stones as you can on your side.

Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Paint by Letters

Paint by Letters Cheats

You can play Paint by Letters at the Book room.


How to play Paint by Letters:

Located in the Book Room, these special books get you in on the story. Type along with the words and make choices on what you want to see next to help bring them to life. Every page has a surprise in store.

Paint by Letters Cheats:

Here are all the hidden coins for My Puffle.


Here are all the hidden coins for Burnt out Bulbs.


Here are all the hidden coins for Lime Green Dojo Clean.


Pizzatron3000 Cheats

Inside the Pizza Parlor, you can play the game known as Pizzatron3000.


How to play Pizzatron3000:

Go to the Pizza Parlor and click on the beaded doorway to become a pizza chef. Use your mouse to drag and drop the toppings that show up on the order screen. Get paid coins for every correct pizza you make.

Pizzatron3000 Cheats:

Click on the switch to play the desert mode of Pizzatron3000.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Puffle Roundup

Puffle Roundup Cheats

Inside the Pet Shop, you can play the game known as Puffle Roundup.


How to play Puffle Roundup:

Help round up puffles, Club Penguin’s favorite pets when you play this game. Click on the Employees Only door in the Pet Shop and use your mouse to herd puffles into the fenced area.

A round ends when all the puffles are herded into the pen or have run away. Coins are awarded based on the number of puffles you catch in the shortest amount of time.

Puffle Roundup Cheats:

Before you try to get the Puffles into the pen, gather them in a group.


Different puffles move at different speeds. Here are the fastest puffles:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White

Whenever a round is over, click on the play more button. Each round you earn more coins.


Avoid chasing the puffles towards the edge because they can run away. If your time is running short, let them run off the screen. Your coins earned is your time multiplied by the amount of puffles you catch.

Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Sled Racing

Sled Racing Cheats

On the top of the Ski Hill, you can play the mini game known as Sled Racing. There are four levels to play: Bunny Hill, Express, Penguin Run, and Ridge Run.


Here is a table on the four levels of Sled Racing:

  • Bunny Hill: Very easy, 2 players only
  • Express: Easy, 2 players only
  • Penguin Run: Medium, 3 players
  • Ridge Run: Hard, 4 players

How to play Sled Racing:

This multi-player game is one of Club Penguin’s most popular pastimes. Join a race when you go to the Ski Hill. Choose a run; the race begins when each sled seat is filled. Use your arrow keys to move your sled and avoid obstacles.

Sled Racing Cheats:

Members can buy the Toboggan from the Ski Hill catalog for 300 coins.

toboggan stand

If you wear the Toboggan on Club Penguin, you will be wearing it when you are Sled Racing.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Thin Ice

Thin Ice Cheats

Inside the upstairs of the Night Club, known as the Dance Lounge you can play Thin Ice.


How to play Thin Ice:

Play this arcade game in the Lounge, located on the second floor of the Night Club. Use your arrow keys to guide the puffle through each maze and melttiles. Earn coins for every tile melted. Read instructions available at the game for more information and tips.

Here is a video that will show you how to get 100% complete on thin ice:UE3gdwvcmws

Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Cheats

You can play Treasure Hunt in Rockhopper’s Quarters when his ship the Migrator is here.


How to play Treasure Hunt:

Go treasure hunting with a friend in Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, when the pirate docks in Club Penguin. Go to the Captain’s Quarters, located below deck, and click on a pile of buried treasure.

Work with a friend, taking turns clicking rows and columns, and uncover treasure such as coins, rubies, and even a few rare emeralds. The more you work together, the more coins you will earn. When you finish, the earnings are shared equally between you and your friend.

Treasure Hunt Cheats:

You can find the emerald which is worth 100 coins, the red ruby which is worth 25 coins or the coin which is worth 1 coin.


Chrisdog93’s Highscore:


(Treasure Hunt can only be played when Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator is at Club Penguin.)

 That’s it for the Club Penguin coin cheats! Check back for more when new games come out.

Puffle Rescue Cheats

Puffle Rescue Cheats


You can play Puffle Rescue at the Mine on Club Penguin:

How to play Puffle Rescue:

Here are the instructions for the Puffle Rescue mini game on Club Penguin:

Puffle Rescue Cheats:

The goal of Puffle Rescue is to make it to the other side of the board to save the puffle. Many of you may realize that it is very similar to a game called Frogger.

Once you have the puffle, bring it back to your starting point. There is a checkered flag which marks where you need to bring the puffle.

After you rescue your first puffle, you will get an extra life. On the other hand, it begins to get a bit more challenging. Red bumpers on the side which will knock your penguin off the moving ice if you hit it.

There will also be a shark which chomps and destroys the ice blocks in the center. However, these ice blocks regenerate after some time.

On the third level, logs will appear. You can jump on logs, they are basically like big ice blocks except you can move left and right on logs.

The other versions are members only and are slight modifications of the first one. In the second one, you have to hop on carts instead of ice blocks. Make sure not to fall!

The black puffle version has a secret to unlock a secret pin on Club Penguin. To do this, get the first puffle but do not return it. A giant squid will appear, which you will need to follow.

It’s very difficult to follow the squid without drowning, however there is one trick. Air bubbles will be released and float to the surface, so pop all of those and you won’t drown. When you make it there, go to the bottom left of the reef and enter the stairs.

Finally, you’ve made it underwater! Pick up the pin which will let you underground.

The room will always be open to you now that you have the secret moss pin.