Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Cheats

Beginner's Tutorial

Beginner’s Tutorial:


Let’s get to know the basics about Disney’s Club Penguin:


There is a lot of exciting things to do on Club Penguin. Use the map by clicking the map icon in the bottom left to go to different rooms in Club Penguin. You can also walk through pathways.


To view your player card, click on the yellow star to the right side of the toolbar. You can change your clothes, pin, background, and view your coins there.


There are tons of games in Club Penguin to play! Some are multiplayer and some are for just one person. To play a game walk up to the game booth and click yes when it asks you if you want to play. You can earn coins by playing games!


To chat with your friends, click on the blue bar in the center of the toolbar and type your message. Press enter or the quote button to send your message. You can also choose from a list of ultimate safe chat messages by clicking the icon in the bottom left of the toolbar.



Before Club Penguin, there was a game created by Rocketsnail (Rnsail) called Penguin Chat. Penguin Chat was the game that Club Penguin was based off of.


In 2005 this game was closed and the players were told to move to a new game known as Club Penguin. I managed to dig up this screenshot of the message on the Penguin Chat website just before it closed.


Penguin Chat was very similar to Club Penguin, except there was only one room, theTown! There also was a coffee shopnight club, and gift shop like on Club Penguin. Here’s a picture of the town:


You could go inside the Night Club on Penguin Chat, but there was no DJ3K or Dance Contest. Here’s a picture of the Night Club:


Like Club Penguin, there was also igloos on Penguin Chat 3. Here’s a picture of a penguin in their igloo:


Penguin Chat also had emotions similar to Club Penguin. There are still some of these emotion symbols on Club Penguin now which came from Penguin Chat 3.


Penguin Chat also was the creator of the ninja penguin. Club Penguin was going to put ninja penguins when they first were created, but instead they chose secret agents. In November 2008, Club Penguin introduced the ninja. However, the ninja was created long before that on Penguin Chat 3.

When creating a penguin on Penguin Chat 3, if you clicked on the letter N for the “select your new penguin” screen you would be able to choose the ninja penguin.


Here is a picture of a ninja penguin from Penguin Chat 3. Notice how similar the ninja penguin from Penguin Chat 3 is to the ninjas on Club Penguin now.


Also like in Club Penguin, you could mine the ground if you wore a yellow hard hat.

Then, suddenly Penguin Chat 3 closed down and Club Penguin was created in August 2005. Rocketsnail announced a better version of Penguin Chat 3 known as Club Penguin. At this time, the Club Penguin website only had a logo and said it was under construction. Miniclip sponsored Club Penguin and many new members joined the game.

After 2 months of testing, Club Penguin officially opened in October 2005. The beta testing party lasted for a few parties, and penguins who helped test received a free beta party hat.


Penguins could pick up the beta party hat at the town. Here is what it looked like when you picked up the beta party hat.


Beta testers also got a free month of Club Penguin membership and 2000 coins added to their accounts. Ever since beta testing, Club Penguin has grown to one of the most popular online games and has over 35 million users worldwide.



List Of Special Rooms


There isn’t many things to do at the Beach. It’s a popular hang out spot, especially when Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator is ashore.


The neighboring rooms of the Beach are the Lighthouse, the Ski Village, and the Dock.


The Beacon is on top of the Lighthouse. There is not much to do there besides look into the telescope to see if Rockhopper is coming.


The neighboring room is the Lighthouse. You can play Jetpack Adventure at theBeacon.

Boiler Room:

The boiler room is located underneath the Night Club. The room has a furnace which you have to fix in mission 8. You can also view the latest six newspapers by clicking on the cabinet.


The neighboring rooms are the Night Club, the Plaza, and the Cave.

Book Room:

The book room is located on the second floor of the Coffee Shop. You can read books from the book shelf.


The neighboring room is the Coffee Shop. You can play Mancala in the Book Room.


The Cave is located underground on Club Penguin. There is a pool to swim in, but there is not much else to do. There is a lifeguard’s chair to sit in.


The neighboring rooms are the Mine Shack, the Plaza, and the Boiler Room.

Coffee Shop:

The Coffee Shop is located to the right of the Town. Inside the Coffee Shop, you can make coffee and serve other penguins. It’s a fun place to hang out.


The neighboring rooms are the Book Room and the Town. You can play Bean Countersat the Coffee Shop.


The Cove is a new room introduced at the member’s only party on May 25th, 2007. The Cove is one of the best hangout spots on Club Penguin with a fire, surf hut, and swimming area.


The neighboring room is the Forest. You can play Catchin’ Waves at the Cove.

Dance Club:

The Dance Club, also known as the Night Club is located at the center of the town. Many penguins like to hangout, and party here. The Night Club is one of the few rooms on Club Penguin with two games to play. There is a big dance floor to party on, and the green puffle known as the keeper of the boiler room sits on top of the speaker by the stairs.


The neighboring rooms are the Dance Lounge, the Town, and the Boiler room. You can play both DJ3K, and Dance Contest at the Night Club.

Dance Lounge:

The Dance Lounge is located above the Night Club. This room is pretty plain, but you can sit down and enjoy some soda or water. There are two televisions that never go on, and there is a plant to the right side. You can play two games at the Dance Lounge.


The neighboring room is the Night Club. You can play Thin Ice and Astro Barrier at the Dance Lounge.


The Dock is probably the most popular hangout spot on all of Club Penguin. Even though it is extremely empty, most penguins hang out here. I’m not sure why we like it so much, it just seems like the natural hangout spot.


The neighboring rooms are the Ski Village, Town, and Beach. You can play Hydro Hopper, formerly known as Ballistic Biscuit at the Dock.

Dojo Courtyard:

The Dojo Courtyard is a new room which was introduced in November of 2008 when ninjas were first introduced. There used to be just the Dojo. The Dojo Courtyardleads into the Dojo, and the Ninja Hideout.


The neighboring rooms of the Dojo Courtyard are the Ninja Hideout, and the Dojo.


The Dojo was recently renovated in November 2008, when ninjas were released.Sensei now sits in the Dojo and teaches penguins how to play Card-Jitsu. The dojo used to be empty and have no games in it at all.


The neighboring room of the Dojo is the Dojo Courtyard. You can play Card-Jitsu at the Dojo.


The Forest is a new room, released in May of 2007 for the Scavenger Hunt. The forestlooks similar to the cove and has lots of trees. There is a big rock in the center and there are no games to play at the Forest.


The neighboring rooms of the Forest are the Cove and the Plaza. There are no games at the Forest.

Gift Shop:

The Gift Shop is located to the right of the Town. You can purchase clothing items from the Penguin Style catalog. If you are a secret agent, you can enter the HQ by going through the dressing booths.


The neighboring rooms of the Gift Shop are the Town and the HQ. There are no games in the Gift Shop.

Ice Rink:

The Ice Rink and the Soccer pitch constantly switch as the room on the map. Many penguins come here to play hockey or sit in the bleachers. There are usually lights shining on the field.


The neighboring room of the Ice Rink is the Snow Forts. There are no games to play at the Ice Rink.


The Iceberg is an a popular hangout spot on Club Penguin. The room is pretty empty and is just a big piece of ice. In the background, you can see the island of Club Penguin.


There are no neighboring rooms for the Iceberg. You can play Aqua Grabber at theIceberg.


The Lighthouse is the connection between the Beach and the Beacon. There are no games at the Lighthouse, but you can play the Drums, piano, or sing on the stage.


The neighboring rooms of the Lighthouse are the Beach, and the Beacon. There are no games to play at the Lighthouse.

Lodge Attic:

The Lodge Attic, also known as the Ski Lodge Attic is an extension of the Ski Lodge. There isn’t much to do up here besides play Find Four or play with the rocking horse. There are a couple of old sofas to sit on.


The neighboring room of the Ski Lodge Attic is the Ski Lodge. You can play Find Four in the Ski Lodge Attic.

Mine Shack:

The Mine Shack is the outside of the Mine. The Mine Shack is pretty empty. In mission 9, you have to help fix the water boards in the back, and weld the cart.


There are no neighboring rooms of the Mine Shack. There are no games to play at theMine Shack.


The Mine is a blue underground room. You can ride carts by playing Cart Surfer. There is a flaming light near the Cave entrance.


The neighboring rooms for the Mine Shack are the Cave, and the Mine Shack. You can play Cart Surfer at the Mine Shack.

Pet Shop:

The Pet Shop is located to the left of the Plaza. You can purchase puffles, and pufflefurniture from the two catalogs at the Pet Shop. You can also play one of the oldest games on Club Penguin, Puffle Roundup.


The neighboring room of the Pet Shop is the Plaza. You can play Puffle Roundup at the Pet Shop.

Pizza Parlor:

The Pizza Parlor is a great place to hang out with friends. You can serve penguins pizza, sit down and relax, run the cashier, play the piano, or cook some pizza in the oven!


The neighboring room of the Pizza Parlor is the Plaza. You can play Pizzatron3000 at the Pizza Parlor.


The plaza is the second most popular room on Club Penguin behind the town. The Plaza is connected to the most rooms out of any room on Club Penguin. It is the second oldest room.


The neighboring rooms of the Plaza are the Forest, Pizza Parlor, Stage, Boiler Room, Pet Shop, and Town. There are no games at the Plaza.

Ski Hill:

The Ski Hill, also known as the Mountain is the place for multiplayer fun! Many parties are held here because many penguins can play Sled Racing at once. There are four different tracks: Bunny Hill, Express, Penguin Run, and Ridge Run. There is a big sign in the middle of the Ski Hill.


The neighboring room of the Ski Hill is the Ski Village. You can play Sled Racing at the Ski Hill.

Ski Lodge:

The Ski Lodge is a common place for parties and mutliplayer fun. There are many stands to play Find Four. You can also play Ice Fishing. There is a fire pit, and a big green chair to sit on. A giant moose, and a giant fish known as Mullet are mounted to the wall. A yellow bird named Fred appears every 30 minutes out of the cuckoo clock.


The neighboring rooms of the Ski Lodge are the Ski Village and the Lodge Attic. You can play Ice Fishing and Find Four at the Ski Lodge.

Ski Village:

The Ski Village is one of the more popular rooms on Club Penguin. It connects to many rooms, and is a major center. You can give tours from the tour guide booth.


The neighboring rooms of the Ski Village are the Ski Hill, Ski Lodge, Sport Shop, Dock, and Beach. There are no games at the Ski Village.

Snow Forts:

The Snow Forts is home to the official Club Penguin clock based in Penguin Standard Time. There is a red target attached to the clock which you can throw snowballs at. The clock also tells the day of the week. There is a message written in PSA code on a sign. There are two forts where penguins often have snowball fights.


The neighboring rooms of the Snow Forts are the Town and the Soccer Pitch / Ice Rink. There are no games to play at the Snow Forts.

Sports Shop:

The Sports Shop is a unique Club Penguin room. There are many pieces of sports equipment inside the Sports Shop. You can purchase items from the Sports Shopcatalog.


The neighboring room of the Sports Shop is the Ski Village. There are no games to play at the Sports Shop.


The Stage is the only Club Penguin room that is guaranteed to be updated every month. Each month a new play comes to the Stage. There is a playbook to act out the plays, and you can purchase clothing items from the Costume Trunk. There are tons of chairs, and a balcony to sit in. There is a large stage to play and act on.


The neighboring room of the Stage is the Plaza. There are no games to play at the Stage.


The Town is the most popular room in all of Club Penguin. There are always tons of penguins in the Town. Many penguins who are in the town are idle. The town connects to five different rooms. There is a coffee table to sit at outside of the Coffee Shop at the Town.


The neighboring rooms of the Town are the Plaza, Gift Shop, Night Club, Coffee Shop, and Dock. There are no games to play at the Town.

List Of Special Rooms:

Box Dimension:

The Box Dimension, also known as Teleport World, or Portal World is a new room which was introduced in the 2009 April Fools’ Party. To get into the Box Dimension, you have to go through a box purchased at the April Fools’ Party in 2009. The room is basically a storage room for extra stuff. Many boxes, plants, and other items have been stored there in the past. When you throw snowballs in the Box Dimension, they will curve.


There are no neighboring rooms of the Box Dimension. There are no games you can play at the Box Dimension.

Captain’s Quarters:

The Captain’s Quarters, also known as Rockhopper’s Quarters, is a new room that is only available when Rockhopper’s ship is parked at the Beach. To get into Rockhopper’s Quarters, you will need Rockhopper’s Key located in the Book Room. You can look at Rockhopper’s notice board, or play Treasure Hunt at Rockhopper’s Quarters.


The neighboring room of the Captain’s Quarters is the Ship Hold. You can playTreasure Hunt at the Captain’s Quarters.

Command Room:

The Command Room is available for only Elite Penguin Force agents. The room is also known as the EPF Headquarters. Inside the Command Room there is a giant television, a conference table, a large closet, an Elite Penguin Force poster, a large map, and many other nifty gadgets.


The neighboring room of the Command Room is the Headquarters. There are no games to play at the Command Room.

Crow’s Nest:

The Crow’s Nest is located above the Migrator. To enter the Crow’s Nest, you have to climb up a ladder inside the Migrator. The Crow’s Nest is located on the main sail of Rockhopper’s ship. There is a giant snowball cannon, a black puffle flag, large snowballs, and a barrel of cannon power at the Crow’s Nest. Yarr is commonly seen on the mass of the Crow’s Nest.


The neighboring room of the Crow’s Nest is the Migrator. There are no games to play at the Crow’s Nest.


The HQ, also known as the Headquarters, is a room for PSA secret agents. Allmissions are related to the Headquarters. There are many television sets on the wall, and an entrance to the Sports Shop. There is a message board on the wall which is updated when there is a new mission on Club Penguin coming. The closet leads to the Command Room which is available for Elite Penguin Force agents only. The only way to get to the Headquarters is by using your Spy Phone. You can purchase items from the F.I.S.H. catalog and can read the secret agent rules at the Headquarters.


The neighboring room of the Headquarters is the Command Room. There are no games to play at the Headquarters.


The Migrator is Rockhopper’s Ship which he uses to travel from Rockhopper’s Island to the island of Club Penguin. You can enter the Migrator when it is parked at the Beach. You can tell if the Migrator is coming to Club Penguin by looking into the telescope at the Lighthouse. There isn’t much to do on the upper floor of the Migrator, but there are many rooms where you can travel to.


The neighboring rooms of the Migrator are the Beach, the Crow’s Nest, and the Ship Hold. There are no games to play at the Migrator.

Ninja Hideout:

The Ninja Hideout, also known as the Ninja Headquarters is a room for black belt ninjas only. The Ninja Hideout has a shop known as the Flying Flippers Emporium where you can buy items from the Martial Artworks catalog. You can enter the Ninja Hideout through the door at the Dojo Courtyard.


The neighboring room of the Ninja Hideout is the Dojo Courtyard and the Volcano. You can play the game Card-Jitsu at the Ninja Hideout.

Ship Hold:

The Ship Hold is the lower floor of the Migrator. The Ship Hold has a catalog which Rockhopper brings rare items for us to purchase. Many of the items that Rockhopper has previously brought are found in the Ship Hold. Rockhopper also stores his cream soda inside the Ship Hold.


The neighboring rooms of the Ship Hold are the Captain’s Quarters and the Migrator. There are no games to play at the Ship Hold.

Soccer Pitch:

The Soccer Pitch and the Ice Rink are constantly switching for the room next to the Snow Forts. Inside the Soccer pitch, there is a soccer field with enormous lights. There are many signs along the field.


The neighboring room of the Soccer Pitch is the Snow Forts. There are no games at the Soccer Pitch.


The Volcano is a members only room where penguins can become Fire Ninjas in. Inside the Volcano, there are four Card-Jitsu mats and lots of fire and hot sauce.

The neighboring room of the Volcano is the Ninja Hideout. You can play Card-Jitsu Fire at the Volcano.

Pin List

Pin List:

Here is a list of all the new Club Penguin pins from the creation of Club Penguin on October 23rd, 2005 until October 23rd 2009. This list may be updated occasionally, but it is mainly here to provide history.

Shamrock Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Coffee Shop

Music Note Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Pizza Parlor

Plant pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Pizza Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Plaza

Balloon Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Dock

Lantern Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Night Club

Beach Ball Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Ski Lodge Attic

Sun Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Book room

Horse Shoe Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Mine Shack

Astro Barrier Ship Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Snow Forts

Hockey Stick Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Ski Village

Soccer Ball Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Gift Shop

Pencil Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Book room

Light House Pin
Rareness: 9.5/10
Location: Plaza

Telescope Pin
Rareness: 9.5/10
Location: Mountain

Pirate Flag Pin
Rareness: 9.5/10
Location: Pet Shop

Pumpkin Pin
Rareness: 9/10
Location: Dock

Jet Pack Pin
Rareness: 9/10
Location: Beach

Life Ring Pin
Rareness: 9/10
Location: Lighthouse

Camp Fire Pin
Rareness: 8.5/10
Location: Ski Lodge

Christmas Tree Pin
Rareness: 8.5/10
Location: Club Penguin Newspaper

Candy Cane Pin
Rareness: 8.5/10
Location: Night Club

Apple Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Pizza Parlor

Cactus Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Coffee Shop

Teddy Bear Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Cave

Ice Cube Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Ice Berg

Shrimp Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Pot of Gold Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
location: Lodge Attic

Box Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
Location: Dock

Microphone Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
Location: Beacon

Ruby Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
Location: Ski Village

Tulip Pin
Rareness: 7/10
Location: Sport Shop

Starfish Pin
Rareness: 7/10
Location: Mine

Surf Board Pin
Rareness: 7/10
Location: Beacon

Picnic Basket Pin
Rareness: 6.5/10
Location: Ski Lodge

Water Drop Pin
Rareness: 6.5/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Cart Surfer Pin
Rareness: 6/10
Location: Pizza Parlor

Butterfly Pin
Rareness: 6/10
Location: Forest

Tent Pin
Rareness: 6/10
Location: Mine Shack

BaseBall Pin
Rareness: 5.5/10
Location: Boiler Room

JellyFish Pin
Rareness: 5.5/10
Location: Ski Lodge

Circus Tent Pin
Rareness: 5.5/10
Location: Plaza at fall fair

PaddleBall Pin
Rareness: 5/10
Location: Snow Forts

HairBrush Pin
Rareness: 5/10
Location: Pet Shop

Spider Pin
Rareness: 5/10
Location: Cave

Rareness: 4.5/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Needle Pin
Rareness: 4.5/10
Location: Cove

Holly Pin
Rareness: 4.5/10
Location: Coffee Shop

Wreath Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Lodge Attic

Snow Shovel Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Boiler Room
This is Club Penguins 50th Pin

Sombrero Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Forest

Rowboat Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Lighthouse

Anchor Pin
Rareness: 3.5/10
Location: Cove

Golden Ship Wheel Pin
Rareness: 3.5/10
Location: Beat Aqua Grabber

Aqua Grabber Pin
Rareness: 3.5/10
Location: Cave

Book Pin
Rareness: 3/10
Location: Boiler Room

Crayon Pin
Rareness: 3/10
Location: Mine Shack

Pyramid Pin
Rareness: 3/10
Location: Book Room

Treasure Chest Pin
Location: Ski Village
Rareness: 3/10

Captain’s Quarters Key Pin
Location: Rockhopper’s Journal
Rareness: 1/10

Goblet Pin
Location: Coffee Shop
Rareness: 3/10

Anvil Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 2.5/10

Ice Cream Cone Pin
Location: Forest
Rareness: 2.5/10

Basketball Pin
Location: Pizza Parlor
Rareness: 2.5/10

Firework Rocket Pin
Location: Cove
Rareness: 2.5/10

Treble Clef Pin
Location: Cave
Rareness: 2.5/10

Vinyl Record Pin
Location: Night Club
Rareness: 2.5/10

Dodgeball Pin
Location: Stage
Rareness: 2.5/10

150th Newspaper Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 2.5/10

Ruby Pin
Location: Stage
Rareness 2.5/10

Magnifying Glass Pin
Location: Dock
Rareness: 2/10

Lollipop Pin
Location: Lighthouse
Rareness: 2/10

Yellow Balloon Pin
Location: Prize Booth in the Forest
Rareness: 2/10

Microscope Pin
Location: Sports Shop
Rareness: 2/10

Anniversary Cake Pin
Location: Dance Lounge
Rareness: 1.5/10

Snow Shovel Pin
Location: Forest
Rareness: 1.5/10

Snowflake Tile Pin
Location: Beach
Rareness: 1.5/10

Snow Fort Pin
Location: Pet Shop
Rareness: 1.5/10

Present Pin
Location: Ski Lodge
Rareness: 1.5/10

Gingerbread Man Pin
Location: Lodge Attic
Rareness: 1.5/10

Taco Pin
Location: Snow Forts
Rareness: 1.5/10

Lily Pin
Location: Beacon
Rareness: 1.5/10

Box O’ Puffle O’s Pin
Location: Mine
Rareness: 1/10

O’ Berry Pin
Location: Ice Burg
Rareness: 1/10

Lucky Coin Pin
Location: Mountain
Rareness: 1/10

Top Hat Pin
Location: Lodge Attic
Rareness: 1/10

Chocolate Bunny Pin
Location: Forest
Rareness: 1/10

Tree Pin
Location: Dojo Courtyard
Rareness: 1/10

King’s Crown Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 1/10

Ice Cream Sundae Pin
Location: Pizza Parlor
Rareness: 1/10

Safari Hat Pin
Location: Book Room
Rareness: 1/10

Watermelon Pin
Location: Lighthouse
Rareness: 1/10

Dojo Lantern Pin
Location: Cave
Rareness: 1/10

Beach Umbrella Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 1/10

Toy Sailboat Pin
Location: Coffee Shop
Rareness: 1/10

Sand Castle Pin
Location: Mine
Rareness: 1/10

Koi Fish Pin
Location: Cove
Rareness: 1/10

Cotton Candy Pin
Location: Prize Booth in the Forest
Rareness: 1/10

101 Days Pin
Location: Pizza Parlor
Rareness: 1/10

Fire Pin
Location: Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt
Rareness: 1.5/10

Padlock Pin
Location: Book Room
Rareness: 1/10

Football Pin
Location: Lodge Attic
Rareness: 1/10

Special Dances

Special Dances:

To make your penguin do special dance, you need to wear the items in the list then dance. All of the following will make your penguin do a special dance:

Clothing: Ninja Suit, ninja mask
Action: Turn invisible


Clothing: Ice cream apron
Action: Make ice cream


Clothing: Blacksmith apron
Action: Hit an anvil


Clothing: Coffee apron
Action: Make coffee


Clothing: Chef’s hat and apron Pizza
Action: Make pizza


Clothing: Firefighter’s suit and firefighter hat
Action: Spray water from a hose


Clothing: Soccer ball
Action: Kick a soccer ball


Clothing: Bass guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Music Jam Guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Acoustic Guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Electric Guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Red Electric Guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Pink Electric Guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Christmas Guitar
Action: Play the guitar


Clothing: Banjo
Action: Play the banjo


Clothing: Lasso
Action: Throw a cowboy rope


Clothing: Blue Hawaiian lei
Action: Hula dance


Clothing: Hawaiian lei
Action: Hulda dance


Clothing: Lifeguard suit
Action: Swim


Clothing: Maracas
Action: Play maracas


Clothing: Red maracas
Action: Play maracas


Clothing: Yellow Inflatable duck
Action: Swim


Clothing: Green Inflatable duck
Action: Swim


Clothing: Red propeller hat
Action: Fly


Clothing: Blue propeller hat
Action: Fly


Clothing: Green propeller hat
Action: Fly


Clothing: Music outfit
Action: Conduct music


Clothing: Matador outfit
Action: Move the red cloth


Clothing: Grass skirt
Action: Hula dance


Clothing: Blue water wings
Action: Swim


Clothing: Orange water wings
Action: Swim


Clothing: Miner’s hat
Action: Mine ground


Clothing: Yellow hard hat
Action: Drill ground


Clothing: Red hard hat
Action: Drill ground


Clothing: Violin
Action: Play violin


Clothing: Tuba
Action: Play tuba


Clothing: Drums and drum sticks
Action: Play drums


Clothing: Clown
Action: Juggle


Clothing: Ghost Costume and flash light
Action: Flash yellow light costume


Clothing: Stereo
Action: Dance with a stereo


Clothing: Suit painter
Action: Paint other penguins


Clothing: Ninja gong
Action: Hit a gong


Clothing: Scientific suit
Action: Mix chemicals


Clothing: mp3000
Action: Dance with mp3000


Clothing: Jetpack
Action: Fly in a jetpack


To make your penguin do special wave, you need to wear the items in the list then wave. All of the following will make your penguin do a special wave:

Clothing: Ninja suit, ninja mask, and cloud bracers
Action: Flash invisible


Clothing: Red whistle
Action: Whistle


Clothing: Silver whistle
Action: Whistle


Clothing: Tour Guide Hat
Action: Give tours


Clothing: Blue face paint
Action: Hold up a go blue sign


Clothing: Red face paint
Action: Hold up a go red sign


Clothing: Referee’s jersey
Action: Hold up a goal sign


Clothing: Rescue squad
Action: Hold up a rescue squad sign


Clothing: Paddle ball
Action: Play paddle ball


Clothing: Bell
Action: Hit the bell


Clothing: Blue Super hero suit
Action: Make a blue ball of energy


Clothing: Pink Super hero suit
Action: Make a pink ball of energy


Clothing: Camera
Action: Take pictures


Clothing: Egyptian outfit
Action: Stand like a mummy


Clothing: Binoculars
Action: Look into binoculars


To make your penguin do special move, you need to wear the items in the list then sit. All of the following will make your penguin do a special move:

Clothing: Fishing rod
Action: Hold a fishing rod


Clothing: Silver flashy fishing rod
Action: Hold a fishing rod


Club Penguin Times

Club Penguin Times:

The Club Penguin Times, formerly known as the Penguin Times before June 2008, is Club Penguin’s newspaper which is released every Thursday. It is a major source of information and current events on Club Penguin. Aunt Arctic is the editor-in-chief as well as the formal help columnist.


  • ‘A’ section (featured stories):
    • Top stories
  • ‘B’ section (regular features):
  • ‘C’ section (Extras):
    • Jokes
    • Riddles
    • Reviewed by You (now in Blog since May 28, 2009)
    • Poetry
    • Bonus Puzzle (every second week)
    • Upcoming Events
    • Fan Comics
    • Sensei’s Fortune Cookie (sometimes)
  • ‘D’ section (Notices):
    • Submit your Content

Here are some facts about the Club Penguin Times:

  1. You are able to Submit things to the Club Penguin Times by submitted them toAunt Arctic.
  2. The Penguin Times is viewable by pressing the news icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. The last six issues of the Club Penguin times can be viewed at the Boiler Room.
  4. The Club Penguin Times newspaper comes out every Thursday.
  5. The 150th newspaper pin came out on August 28th, 2008.



Club Penguin Moderators helped make, and keep the online virtual world a safe and enjoyable place. There are many Club Penguin moderators, but the main ones have been listed below:



Billybob is the CEO and one of the founders of Club Penguin. Billybob is the main person who updates the Club Penguin community blog. He is rarely seen on Club Penguin and there are very few pictures of him throughout the internet.



Rnsail is one of the founders of Club Penguin. Rsnail used to update on the Club Penguin community blog but has seemed to fade away from it ever since Club Penguin was purchased by Disney. The name Rsnail is short for Rocketsnail, the site which used to be the first Club Penguin. He is the creator of Penguin Chat 3 and works with flash. His site is



Screenhog is not a Club Penguin founder, but he is considered to be the most knownmoderator who is not a founder. Screenhog is a graphics designer and makes many of the designs for the rooms on Club Penguin, catalog items, and even pins. He makes graphics for the Penguin Times too. Screenhog used to write the Penguin Times, but now Aunt Arctic does.



Happy77 is the second leading contributor for the Club Penguin community blog. She frequently does interviews and posts sneak peaks for upcoming events on Club Penguin. Happy77 is the only known female Club Penguin moderator.



Gizmo is one of the CO-Founders of Club Penguin. Gizmo is the creator of New Horizon Productions which is now known as New Horizon Interactive. New Horizon Interactive is the company who owned Club Penguin when they were first created. New Horizon Interactive sold Club Penguin to Disney in August 2007 for 700 million dollars.

About Moderators:

How to tell if a penguin is a moderator:

If you think a certain penguin on Club Penguin is a moderator, open up their player card. If they are a moderator, they will have the moderator symbol in the top right side of their player card. Here’s a picture of four Club Penguin moderators and a moderator symbol on Gizmo’s player card:


What Moderators can do that others can’t:

Moderators have many special features that other penguins can’t do. First off, moderators have the power to ban, mute, or kick other penguins from a server. This is the message that moderators will see when they try to do this:


However, not all bans are from moderators. Whenever you curse on Club Penguin, it is most likely the server that detects it automatically and not the moderators. Somecheats are detectable by servers and Club Penguin automatically bans you. Most bans are automatically made by Club Penguin’s server. If a moderator on Club Penguin catches you doing something against the terms of service, they will ban you.

Moderators have many more features. They can log in to special servers where only moderators have access to. Other penguins cannot go on these servers. On these servers, moderators can perm items such as the beta hat, moderator symbol, and all other items. This is why all Club Penguin moderators have all the clothing items. If you had access to these servers, you would be able to get all the items on Club Penguin.

Moderators also have access to a special Club Penguin forum for moderators only. At this forum, the events which will happen months from now are posted and revealed. I’m not sure if this forum is still in use but it was at one point. There are currently no pictures of the forum on the internet.

How do you find Moderators on Club Penguin?

Finding a moderator on Club Penguin is one of the hardest things to do! I’ve been playing Club Penguin for almost 4 years and I’ve seen all the moderators only once or twice each. Moderators are most seen on the English servers since Club Penguin is hosted in English speaking countries. Moderators visit random servers most of the time, but I have seen moderators on Frozen and Mammoth. I have seen Billybob twice on Frozen, once at the Cove and once at the Dock. They don’t stay long and it is very very difficult to catch them on. However, it is possible but I do not suggest trying to look for them. Just play Club Penguin and hopefully you will meet them.

Can I become a Moderator on Club Penguin?

Yes, but you must be at least 18 years or older and live in or near Kelowna, British Columbia or Canada. As a safety precaution, each moderator has to be at least 18 because they are dealing directly with children and have to pass a criminal record check. Moderators work together as a team in the Club Penguin office. This is a part of safety measures – they need to know who is moderating to keep Club Penguin safe.



Rockhopper is a pirate who comes to Club Penguin approximately every 2 months. He brings his “rare items” Rockhopper, which are a free item and some for members. Rockhopper can be a computer or a person, depending on whether speech and what times you connect. You can find Rockhopper on Club Penguin usually in the more full servers. Now when you visit us, bring your Puffle Yarr with him. To go to the guide to find Rockhopper please click here!


Aunt Aurctic

Aunt Arctic:

Aunt Arctic is the newspaper column “Club Penguin TimesAunt Arctic is thenewspaper column “Club Penguin Times. You can send questions or anything else on the last page of the newspaperAunt Arctic could be found in the backstage at the Penguin Play Awards 2009.

aunt arctic

Gary The Gadget Guy

Gary the gadget guy:

Gary the Gadget Guy, also known as G, appears in all missions and is the creator of almost all the inventions of Club Penguin. Gary could be found in the Secret Lab during the Halloween party of 2008 and the Penguin Play Awards 2009.

Gary card



Sensei had his first appearance after the Halloween 2008, when a piece of the roof of the dojo was destroyed by lightning and the penguins could climb to the top of theDojo. There was the Sensei shoveling the snow that covered the outside of the dojo, and when he finished, he started Card Jitsu. Something very strange about Sensei is that he is the color gray, a color that you are not yet available in Club Penguin. His second appearance was in July 2009. He arrived a third time in September 2009.


Penguin Band

Penguin band:

The penguin band to state in Club Penguin from Penguin Chat 3. They play in many Club Penguin parties, especially in western and Music Jam party. The penguin bandcould meet during the Jam 08 or over the Penguin Play Awards 2009.

penguin band


He plays acoustic guitar and banjo. He is the newest member of the band pengun. He is the newest member of the band pengun. He is author of the book: “Franky first show” which you can read in the book room (library). If he were not a musician he would be working at the pet shop, the puffles love him!

Stompin Bob:

Stompin Bob can play the bass instrument. He is a musician who practices constantly. He loves to play hydro hopper. He loves to play hydro hopper. If he wasn’t a musician he would be sending poems to the Penguin Times.

Petey k:

She plays piano and accordion. He is well trained. He loves coffee and pizza. He loves coffee and pizza. If the penguin was not in the band for the music he would make the penguin’s igloos.

G Billy:

He plays the drums and the flute. He founded the penguin band. He is an amateur collector of pins. He is an amateur collector of pins. If he wasn’t a musician, he would be working in the pizza parlor.



Cadence made its first appearance in the Dance-a-thon 2009, an event for members only. She appears in the game Dance Challenge.

cadence card



Here’s what the puffle catalog says puffles are:

Native to the wilds of Club Penguin, puffles are small, round, furry creatures. They make fantastic pets! Several different species have been discovered and each color has its own unique personality. Everyone in Club Penguin can adopt 2 puffles, but members can adopt up to 16.

You can purchase puffles from the Pet Shop. You can keep them in your igloo or take them for a walk on Club Penguin.

Currently, there are 8 different types of puffles on Club Penguin:

Blue Puffles:

The blue puffle is probably the most popular puffle on Club Penguin. This is because it is one of two puffles that all penguins can adopt (the red puffle is the other).

The blue puffle is mild tempered, content, and loyal. It’s favorite toy is the ball, and it is easy to take care of.


Red Puffles:

Red puffles first appeared in December of 2006 when Rockhopper brought them from Rockhopper Island for all players. It can be adopted for 800 coins at the Pet Shop.

Red puffles are adventurous and enthusiastic. Their favorite toys are the bowling pins and the cannon. When you play with a red puffle in your igloo, it will either pull out bowling pins and roll into them or put on a helmet and shoot itself out of a cannon!


Yarr is the most famous puffle on Club Penguin. Yarr is a red puffle who travels with Rockhopper on his journeys. When Rockhopper’s ship is docked at the Beach on Club Penguin, Yarr can be found on the top of the mast of the Migrator.


Red Puffles enjoy to surf. If you play Catchin’ Waves when walking your puffle, your puffle will surf along side you! If you play competition mode, your puffle will actually compete! The red puffle will increase your score when playing Catchin’ Waves, but not as much as wearing a surfboard.

Pink Puffles:

The pink puffle is energetic. It can be adopted by member’s only for 800 coins at thePet Shop.

The pink puffle is active and cheery and loves to exercise. It’s two favorite toys are the jump rope and the trampoline. When you play with your pink puffle in your igloo, it usually pulls out either the jump rope or the trampoline and will jump around.


Pink Puffles enjoy playing Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg. If you play Aqua Grabber while walking your pink puffle, your puffle will swim next to your submarine. The pink puffle will help when playing Aqua Grabber by blowing air bubbles when you are short on air. The pink puffle is a huge help when playing Aqua Grabber!

Black Puffles:

The black puffle is the most mysterious and secret puffle in all of Club Penguin. Black puffles can be adopted by members only at the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

Black puffles are strong, silent type, and can be energetic at times. Their favorite toys are the skateboard and the fireball. Occasionally when you play with your black pufflein your igloo, your puffle will turn into a fireball and fly through the air.


In thin ice, the main character is a black puffle. Most penguins think it is a red puffle, but it is actually a red puffle that is in it’s fireball form. Black puffles appear in manymissions. In one mission, you feed a black puffle an O’ Berry and they light on fire and fly through the air.

Green Puffles:

The green puffle is the most energetic and exciting puffle on Club Penguin. It can be purchased from the Pet Shop for 800 coins by members only.

The green puffle is energetic and active. Their favorite toys are unicycle and the propeller cap. When you play with your green puffle in your igloo, sometimes it will ride a unicycle and fly with the propeller cap.


The green puffle known as the Keeper of the Boiler room sits at the Night Club on top of the speaker. He appears in the book Truth or Dare in the book room on the second floor of the coffee shop. In the story, the penguin says that a penguin was dared to stay in the Boiler room. The keeper of the boiler room now sits in the Night Club and jumps on the speaker.


Purple Puffles:

Purple puffles are one of the calmer puffles on Club Penguin. They can be adopted from the Pet Shop for 800 coins by only members.

Purple puffles are the happy type. Their favorite toys are the bubble wand and the disco ball. Purple puffles love to dance.


If you go play Dance Contest with your purple puffle, your purple puffle will dance with you when playing. Bringing your purple puffle when playing Dance Contest will increase your score.

Yellow Puffles:

The Yellow puffle is the most artistic puffle on Club Penguin, and first appeared in November of 2007. They can be adopted from the Pet Shop for 800 coins by only members.

Yellow puffles are spontaneous, artistic, and happy. Their favorite toys are the movie camera, the paintbrush, and the easel. Yellow puffles are very creative.


The Yellow puffle makes a special appearance in Club Penguin Mission 7Clockwork Repairs. The Yellow puffle creates a replacement gear by using the blueprint and special snow.

White Puffles:

White Puffles are a new color of puffle which were released in March of 2009. Members can adopt white puffles at the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

White pufflles are small, gentle, and strong. White Puffles favorite toy is the skate and can turn anything to ice with its breath.


When you play with a white puffle in your igloo, they can create an ice rink with their breathe and then skate very fast over the ice. If you bathe your puffle, he will turn the water into ice when he jumps in. When he jumps out, he will get frozen in the ice block.

Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet:

You can get a free Rockhopper Bracelet! You can wear this bracelet, and it’s pretty cool! Here’s how to find it:

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Town.
3. Go to the Coffee Shop.
4. Go to the Book Room.
5. Click on Rockhopper and the Stowaway.


Here is what the cover of Rockhopper and the Stowaway looks like:


Here’s how to find Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet:

1. Go to the last page of Rockhopper and the Stowaway.
2. Click on Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet.


Congratulations, you’ve found Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet!

Rockhopper’s Key:

Rockhopper has given away his key, and has hidden it! You can use it to get into the Captain’s Quarters or wear it as a pin! Here is how to find Rockhopper’s key:

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Town.
3. Go to the Coffee Shop.
4. Go to the Book Room.
5. Click on the Book Shelf.
6. Click on the Journal of Captain Rockhopper.


Here is what the cover of the Journal of Captain Rockhopper looks like:


Here’s how to find Captain Rockhopper’s key:

1. Go to the last page of the Journal of Captain Rockhopper.
2. Click on Captain Rockhopper’s key.



Congratulations, you’ve found Rockhopper’s key!

Party Hats

Party Hats:

Every year for the Club Penguin anniversary on October 24th, Club Penguin gives away a free party hat for all players. These hats were designed to celebrate the beta launch of Club Penguin and anniversaries every year. Just like collectible pins, party hats are collector’s items which means they are only released once. This means all party hatswill never be available in the game again. Penguins with a party hat were playing Club Penguin at the time the party hat was released.


The beta hat is the rarest and most famous party hat on Club Penguin. It is a cone shaped hat with yellow and pink stripes. The beta hat was released to beta testers in October 2005 at a box in the Town.


The first year party is a cone shaped hat with green and light blue stripes. The first year party hat was released to all penguins in October 2006 .


The second year party hat is a cone shaped hat with yellow and orange stripes. The second year party hat was released to all penguins in October 2007. It was hidden in the book room above the Coffee Shop.


The third year party hat is a cone shaped hat with yellow, orange, and blue stripes. It was given away in October 2008 at the Coffee Shop. You could find it inside the giant 3rd year anniversary party cake.


The fourth year party hat is a cone shaped hat with light blue and purple stripes. It was given away in October 2009 at the Coffee Shop. You could find it inside the pinata above the door to the Book Room.



1. Respect other penguins – Club Penguin does not tolerate any swearing, cheating, bullying or mean behavior toward other penguins. Disciplinary action will be taken should any one of these occur while playing.

2. Never reveal your personal information – The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, email or passwords.

3. No inappropriate talk – References to drugs and alcohol related activities, and sexual, racial or otherwise inappropriate talk are not permitted.

4. No Cheating – Any use of third party programs to cheat is not allowed. Players who use any third party programs while playing risk being permanently banned.