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Club Penguin Cheats



Club Penguin October 2010 Sneak Peek!

 Today, almost the end of September. Billybob is gave us a new sneak peek on what to expect in October!

Here is what Billybob said is coming in October 2010:

  • Halloween costumes! Look for new and old favorites in the Penguin Style catalog early this month.
  • Halloween Igloo Contest – decorators should look out for a new contest starting October 15.
  • Stamps – earn new stamps for your collections this month.
  • Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party – the island turns 5 years old on October 24!
  • The island’s annual Halloween Party – including a new member maze called the “Dark Chamber”!

I am really excited for October. Another time to cheer, as Halloween approches!

New Club Penguin Series 10 Treasure Book!

 Wow, talk about a surprise. Today, Club Penguin has released the 10th Treasure Book! You can view it by clicking here. Sadly, there are no cheats to the new Treasure Book, but there are some awesome exclusive items and some awesome rare items! First of all, the new Treasure book is blue. Check it out:

The exclusives page is located on Page 6 of the book. The new exclusive items include:

  • The Sunny – Head Item
  • Aqua Hipster Hat – Head Item
  • Silver Aviators – Face Item
  • Blue Cotton Scarf – Neck Item
  • Red Polka Dot Dress – Body Item
  • Leather Pilots Jacket – Body Item
  • Green Untied Sneakers

Looks pretty cool, don’t you think? I want to know, are you getting a Club Penguin Series 10 toy, or are you not going to bother because you find the items boring? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us!

Club Penguin Field Op 16 Cheats 

 As you know, today is Monday meaning another Club Penguin Field Op has been released! If you don’t know what a Field Op is, it’s a mini Elite Penguin Force mission which has tons of different puzzles and locations within each one. They come out every week and you can even earn stamps by earning medals! Below are the complete cheats to the Club Penguin Field Op 16.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Click the beeping EPF Phone located in the lower left corner
  • Click the “Go There” button

Now you should be transported to the Elite Penguin Force Headquarters. To continue to your Field Op, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the big yellow screen at the top-right corner.
  • Click “Accept Field Op”
  • Go to the Dance Lounge, next to the cutrain at the left.

Your EPF Phone should now start to beep again. Click it and click the “Engage” button. To complete this week’s field ops, you must charge the micro batteriesby using your remote control using the arrow keys. Make sure to rechargeevery micro battery, get the key and watch out for eletric traps! For more information, view the image below.

Congratulations, you have now successfully completed the Club Penguin Field Ops 16! Your prize is exactly 1 medal, which can be used to buy less expensive gear or more rare and expensive gear such as the new tactical gear. Oh, also, did you notice? Gary said something about this being the last installation. Hmm… I have a good feeling about Field Ops 17. Anyway, what did you think of this week’s Field Ops? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us

Club Penguin Adds New Currencies! 

 Club Penguin added some new currencies to the list. You are now able to buy memberships in the following currencies:

  • US Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Brazil Real
  • British Pound
  • Euro
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar

Did you also know Club Penguin was created by 3 fathers (Billybob, rsnail and Gizmo), for there children to play on a safe environment. It eventually turned into a Massive Virtual game?

New Club Penguin ‘Where To Buy Toys’ Map 

 Not many people have noticed, but Club Penguin has updated the ‘Where to Buy Toys’ Map! It’s now done up in a brand new way, with a cartoon map of the world, with flags showing the countries where Club Penguin items are sold, you can then click on your country and see what toys are sold where. To find this map, follow the steps below.

  1. Click here to visit Club Penguin’s homepage.
  2. Click on the ‘Toys’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the ‘Where to Buy’ icon that’s on the screen by one of the toys.
  4. Then you should be brought to a default country Club Penguin have set it to. Just press ‘Change location’.

Then you will see a map like this:

Then, you can click on any country you like to see what toys are sold where, like the examples below.

United States:

United Kingdom:

But you can do this with any country on the map. So, what do you think of this new feature? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Club Penguin Books on Amazon’s Kindle

 Do you have an Amazon Kindle? A Kindle is an electronic book reader. Club Penguin has recently made two of there books available for the Kindle!

The first is Stowaway! Adventures at Sea! It is now available on the Kindle.

The second is The Inventors Apprentice. It is also now available on the Kindle.

What do you think of this? Let us know! Don’t forget to tell us if you have a Kindle too!

Club Penguin Pink Puffle Utility Bag

 Club Penguin has released a brand new item exclusive to the Disney Store UK, a Pink Puffle Utility Bag! Definitely one for the girls, this bag has a strap that can go over your shoulder (making it easy to carry) and a pink puffle picture with the words ‘Feed me! I’m cute and fluffy!’

It’s on sale exclusive to Disney Store UK for £10. So girls, will you be buying this? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

New Club Penguin Featured Igloo

Club Penguin has recently updated the Community section of the site with a new Featured Igloo. This week’s featured igloo is by a penguin called 9kbb. Here is the igloo:

What do you think of this week’s Featured Igloo? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Club Penguin How To Earn Game Day Stamps! 

 Here is a little guide some of the Game Day Stamps:

Step 1. Set Up WiFi to your Nintendo Wii.
Step 2. Log in with your online Club Penguin Account
Step 3. Play games in rooms and earn coins.
Step 4. Conquer rooms to complete the team color.
Step 5. Buy All Items To Earn the Collector Stamps.

Step 6. Once conquering islands. You will earn a stamp for each team.

Step 7. Feed the white puffle in Puffle Feeder, to earn the white puffle stamp. (It only appears once in the game).

Most of the other stamps require you to play with your family and transferring your saved penguin to someone else’s Wii. Club Penguin encourages your friends to buy a Wii and buy the new Game day.

It really stinks that Club Penguin brought the items from the Exclusive Catalog in the game to regular Club Penguin. I was hoping it would become really rare and limited. Club Penguin had pulled some tricks into getting a lot of children into buying there games. They also gave a code for the Club Penguin DS games that unlocked the EPF room. Now that room is available to all penguins. Do you think Club Penguin is ripping off children and taking there money?

Club Penguin Submit Art for Anniversary Party! 


Today is exactly one month until Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party. It’s on October 24 for one day only. And all of you penguins are invited. For the party,Club Penguin is planning something special to help show off your favorite times. So here’s a challenge for you:

  • Get together with your buddies and talk about some of your great Club Penguin memories
  • Pick one and get creative (with pencils, pixels, photos, crayons, paint, etc.)
  • Submit your original artwork to Fan Art


Stay tuned for more info about this year’s Anniversary Party. In the meantime, share your best memories in a comment!

Are you excited about this? Are you gonna enter? Comment and let me know!


Club Penguin Stadium Update 

Club Penguin Game Day has arrived in the UK! To celebrate the release of Club Penguin Game Day Club Penguin has updated the stadium with special eventsand a new Snow and Sports Catalogue!

These are the three events that you can participate in at the Stadium:

It looks like there’s already a lot of competition going on…

Sept. 23rd Blog Image.jpg

Also there is new postcards to send to your buddies!

Let us know which team you chose to join and if you’ve made it onto the podium! 

New Club Penguin Coffee Shop Coloring Page! 

Today, on the community blog, Club Penguin released a new coloring page. It’s really cool, too! Check it out:

This coloring page is about a penguin that works at the Coffee Shop, who’s serving a penguin coffee, and another penguin reading the newspaper on the couch.

What do you think of this coloring page? Excellent, good or bad? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin September 2010 Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats! 

Club Penguin has finally released a new Club Penguin Snow & Sports Catalog! To my surprise, they have the new yellow gear! Below are the complete cheats to the Club Penguin September 2010 Snow and Sports Catalog.

Here’s how to get the Blue Sneakers:

  • Go to page 1
  • Click the Blue Cheerleader’s beak

Here’s how to get the Red Sneakers:

  • Go to page 1
  • Click on the Red Cheerleader’s right flipper

Here’s how to get the Yellow Sneakers:

  • Go to page 2
  • Click on the Yellow Cheerleader’s flippers

Here’s how to get the White Pompoms:

  • Go to page 2
  • Click on the Yellow Cheerleader’s beak

Personally, I think it’s awesome they brought some yellow sports gear to theClub Penguin Sports Catalog for everybody to have, since I don’t have Club Penguin: Game Day. It’s disappointing for those who got the game, because now they don’t look as exclusive. They still have the exclusive backgrounds, though! What do you think of the new Club Penguin Snow & Sports Catalog? Leave a comment and let us know! 

Club Penguin Sandwich Pin! 

 Today, Club Penguin released a pin for us penguins to collect. To get the latest pin just follow these simple steps:

1. Log into Club Penguin
2. Go to the Cave Mine
3. Then, waddle over to the rocks

Club Penguin Times Issue #258 

Today Club Penguin released a new Club Penguin Times Issue. It tells us a lot of information about upcoming events!

Club Penguin tells us more information about the new yellow team and the Game at the Stadium.

Four eager teams. Three exciting new events. Competition is heating up as a special track event gets underway. Spokespenguins from each team have been rallying in the stadium.

Decked out in mohawks, Team Red was loud. “The 100 metre waddle race is definitely going to be our game!”

The newest team, Team Yellow, answered back. “We’ve been perfecting our jackhammering skills. It’s our first time out but we’re ready.

Team Green was bouncing. “Green’s gonna laugh to the top of the podium. We’ve got snowball precision!”

Team Blue told us they practiced all the events. “We work together. We’re stong and we want to win.”

All teams should head to the stadium to get into uniform. The track event starts September 24.

Black Puffles have been spotted in the mine playing with carts. Cart surfers who’ve seen there skills have some big ideas. At the mine we found some dedicated surfers and their unsmiling pets. They had flashlights to look down the tracks.

“See ‘em? For a while we suspected that black puffles come here to sharpen there skills. So we watched, talk about sweet moves!”

The surf experts explained that seeing the talented puffles really inspired them. So they broght their own pets to the Underground.

“We brought our own, got them onto our carts and started riding with ‘em. There fun to have along, good at balancing too.”

Cart surfers are still doing some last minute safety tests in the mine with their puffles. We hope to hear more about black puffles and carts soon.

Upcoming Events for October:

  • October 1 – Penguin Style
  • October 5 – New Stamps
  • October 8 – New Penguin Mail
  • October 8 – Secrets of the Bamboo Forest returns to the Stage


Exclusive Club Penguin: Game Day Nintendo Wii Game Screenshots! 

As you know, yesterday was the official release of Club Penguin: Game day in the United States of America. Thanks to our rockin’ friend Riffy8888, we were able to get some exclusive screenshots of the game! You can check them all out below.

First of all, when you get the Wii Game you will get a special code within it that unlocks 4 exclusive backgrounds!

In Club Penguin: Game Day, they have a new addition where you can add an expression to your penguin! To do so, all you have to do is click your player card and select what emotion you want on your penguin’s beak.

Before playing the game, you must choose what colour of team you wish to be. The team you select will be the team you would have to conquer the island with. You can have multiple accounts saved as once, too!

Below is how the icon of Club Penguin: Game Day looks like when first opening up your Wii and choosing the game you want to play.

Wow, Club Penguin: Game Day look completely awesome! Did you buy the game already, are you pre-ordering it or are you just not getting it? Leave a comment and let us know! 

New Club Penguin Reviewed by You – Most Epic Sports Event! 

Last week Club Penguin talked about green puffles being added to Jet Pack Adventure. Club Penguin were curious what other games you thought puffles would like to join in on.

Club Penguin heard lots of great suggestions. Here’s one from Njse2:

Maybe in sled racing black could make no snow for the others, white could make ice for you,orange could eat obstacles, blue could hit opponents with snowballs, red could do stunts, yellow could paint arrows to help, green could save you from falling, pink could dig holes, and purple could dance the snowramps after you. That woul be cool!

That sounds cool Njse2.

Speaking of colors, this week the island is getting a new team: the Yellow Team! So this week Club Penguin wants to know - what’s the most epic sports moment you’ve ever had in Club Penguin?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment on the Club Penguin blog, to visit it click here. 

Club Penguin Game Day – How to Transfer your Coins to your Club Penguin Account 

As we all know, Club Penguin released their new Wii game ”Club PenguinGame Day”, in Europe, Australia and United States. So, if you bought the new Wii game, I wanted to show you all penguins how to transfer your coins fromthe game to your Club Penguin account.

How to transfer coins to your Club Penguin account (Internet Connection Needed):



  1. Start up your Wii and Club Penguin: Game Day.
  2. Click “Options” at the main menu.
  3. Click “Nintendo WiFi”.
  4. Click your penguin and click “Yes”.
  5. Click upload coins
  6. Select the amount of coins you want to transfer.
  7. Click “Ok”.

Those are all your steps. Follow those steps CAREFULLY, and your coins with be uploaded/transfered in no time! Are you going to buy Club Penguin Game Day? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure Stamps Login Screen Update 

 As you know, Club Penguin recently allowed your Green Puffle to play Jet Pack Adventure with you. As a result, they’ve updated their Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure stamps Login Screen! Now, there’s a flying Green Puffle flying towards the stamps with the penguin. Check out the update in an image below.

I think that was a small update, but was very much needed. What do you think of the new update? Do you find it really cool, or not anything big? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us!

Club Penguin Game Day Released in the USA! 

Club Penguin Game Day has been released in the USA! This means the wait is over for all the penguins in the USA hoping to get the game. Club PenguinGame Day is Club Penguins first ever game for the Nintendo Wii.

(The Cover for Club Penguin Game Day Wii)

For all the penguins in the UK, don’t worry! Club Penguin Game Day will be coming to you on Friday 24 September.

Will you be getting this game? Maybe you already have it, if so then tell us all about it! 

Club Penguin Field Op Mission 15 Cheats

Today, Monday, a new Field Op is out on Club Penguin. Follow these steps to earn your stamps and medals:

Step 1. Click on your spy phone
Step 2. Go to the EPF Room
Step 3. Accept the Field Op

Step 4. Go to the Beach
Step 5. Walk over the green item.

Step 7. Play the game to earn the stamp and achievement medal!

Step 8. You earn a stamp automatically for doing the Field Op and/or logging in. 

Club Penguin Team Colour Quiz Results 

Today Club Penguin released the official answers to the Club Penguin Team Colour Quiz, here are the results:

Here is a breakdown of results:

Cool! Which Team Colour did you get? Let us know! 

Club Penguin Game Day Released In Australia and Europe 

Guess what? Today me and my pal Matthew722 found out Club Penguin has finally released our game we’ve been waiting for.. Game Day for Nintendo Wii! This game was released in Australia today but it will be released in the United States on Tuesday, 21 September.

This game is probably the best Club Penguin made and the reason is because it has so many features that has to be built in. A few examples are a wide screen TV with high quality and a sensor for the remotes. Let me know what you think and if your going to buy it! 

New Club Penguin Featured Igloo 

Club Penguin have released another featured igloo this week in the Community section of the blog. This week’s featured igloo belongs to Mjbffas.

What do you think of this week’s featured igloo? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Exclusive Club Penguin Game Day Sneak Peek Pictures 

In case you don’t know, Club Penguin Game Day is a new game for the Wii in which you can play games and earn exclusive items and stamps than can be uploaded to your account on Club Penguin. Here are some new pictures:

Club penguin game day

Club penguin game day

Club penguin game day

Club penguin game day

Club penguin game day

Club penguin game day

Pretty awesome, right? Club Penguin Game Day is already on sale in Australia and New Zealand, will be on sale from the 21st of September for North America and Latin American and from the 24th for the United Kingdom. Are you gettingClub Penguin Game Day? Let me know in the comment section below. 

New Club Penguin Backpack and Lunch Bag

Club Penguin have recently launched two more items exclusive to the Disney Store UK which are the Club Penguin Orange Puffle backpack and Orange Puffle lunch bag. They are both sold individually but are both new items. Here they are, below:

So, what do you think of these new items? As always, let me know by leaving a comment below. 

New Club Penguin Orange & Black Trolley 

Club Penguin have recently announced the launch of a new Club Penguinmerchandise item, this new trolley (or suitcase). You can carry or wheel it. Here is what it looks like:

The dimensions of the trolley are 47cm high x 29cm width (approx) and are on sale exclusively to Disney Store’s in the United Kingdom. So, what do you think? Are you considering buying one of these? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

Club Penguin Game Day Exclusive Items! 

 Hey guys! I got an update from Chrisdog93 giving more Club Penguin Wii Game Day exclusive items.Full credit goes to Chrisdog93.

 On September 21 the Club Penguin Wii Game, called ‘Game Day’ will be released to most countries. As you know you can upload items onto your account via Wifi. Well we are here on to announce we have exclusive pictures of the new items. You will be able to earn these items in the game, and upload these items to your penguin.

Club Penguin realized that we found out the items so they removed them from there databases. We have pictures of most of them but not a few.
Here are a list:

  • Red Face Paint
  • Blue Face Paint
  • Blue Hockey Jersey
  • Blue Ball Cap
  • Gold Viking Helmet
  • Green Propeller Cap
  • Red Mohawk, Type
  • Green Face Paint
  • Yellow Face Paint
  • Silver Whistle, Type
  • Gold Medal, Type: Neck
  • Green Hockey Jersey
  • Yellow Hockey Jersey
  • Yellow Cheerleader
  • Red Sneakers
  • Green Sneakers
  • Yellow Sneakers
  • Go Green Background
  • Go Yellow Background
  • Go Blue Background
  • Go Red Background

If we catch anyone copying our picture and/or list, please be advised you are risked getting your site shut down. All rights reserved to Club PenguinCP.

What do you think of these ultra exclusive sneak peek?

Club Penguin Yellow Team Coming September 24th!

Today, while I was reading the new issue of the newspaper, I saw something very interesting. If you open the newspaper, and go to ”Page A2”, you will see some information about the yellow, blue, green, red teams… I saw something very interesting about the yellow team coming soon to Club Penguin…

A new sports team color is coming to Club Penguin Sept. 24th, with the introduction of the yellow team. And it’s all thanks to some competitive encouragement.

”You can’t have a tournament with only three teams!” said a red soccer player. ”You need a least FOUR” . ”That way you can have semi-finals and finals!

Very interesting article about the Yellow Team, right? Soon, we’ll have more information about the Yellow Team. What do you think? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin New Postcards September 2010

Club Penguin also updated the Postcards. They brought back a couple of them.

  • Party In My Igloo
  • Fairy Fables

I hope Club Penguin makes some really cool postcards. Check out below all the other updates Club Penguin made today. 

Club Penguin Better Igloos – September/October 2010 Cheats 

 Today is the new Better Igloos Catalog. Here are all the latest cheats:

Step 1. Go to your igloo
Step 2. Click on the Tape Measure
Step 3. Click on the Better Igloos Catalog on the bottom right corner.

Step 4. Go to the 2nd page
Step 5. Click on the Computer Mouse

Congratulations you have found the Umbrella Table!

Step 6. Go to the 3rd page
Step 7. Click on the Log Drawer

Congratulations you have found the Log Table!

Step 8. Go to the 4th page
Step 9. Click on the Modern Art Sculpture

Congratulations you have found the Climbing Wall!

Step 10. Go to the 5th page
Step 11. Click on the wall speaker

Congratulations you have found the Quarter Note!

Step 12. Go to the 5th page
Step 13. Click on the Dj Spinner

Congratulations you have found the Drum Kit!

Step 14. Go to the 6th page
Step 15. Click on the Disco Ball

Congratulations you have found the Guitar Stand!

Step 16. Go to the 6th page
Step 17. Click on the word “Disco”

Congratulations you have found the Lanterns!

Step 18. Go to the 6th page
Step 19. Click on the 8th Note

Congratulations you have found the Music Stand!

Step 20. Go to the 7th page
Step 21. Click on the cash register in the background

Congratulations you have found the Tropical Palm!

Step 22. Go to the 7th page
Step 23. Click on the clothes rack

Congratulations you have found the HD TV. (Lets hope they bring out a 3D one!)

Congratulations. You have found all the hidden items in the September 2010 – October 2010 Better Igloos Catalog.

Club Penguin Fairy Fables Play Returns to the Stage! 

Today, the old play, Fairy Fables, has returned to the Club Penguin stage. It’s a very old play, but quite fun. Here’s what the play looks from outside:

Here’s what the play looks like inside:

Along with the play, there’s a new catalog. But as always, only 1 cheat.

To find the Silver Wand:

  1. Go to the second page of the Catalog
  2. Click on the middle of the CD player.

What do you think of this new stage play, and catalog? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Which Team Color Are You Quiz Behind The Scenes 

Just not too long ago, one of our buddies from Club Penguin CP posted the new quiz that was released on the Club Penguin Community Blog. Thanks to me, Champ344, I finally worked out some calculations and found out which picture goes with which color. Take a look:

  • Option A was the green color.
  • Option B was the red color.
  • Option C was the blue color.
  • Option D was the yellow color.

These calculations were by me and not stolen from anywhere. I don’t really want to explain the calculations but it SHOULD be accurate. We’ll just have to wait and see until the results come out if i was right or wrong. Until then, let me know what you think! 

Club Penguin Quiz: What Team Color Are You? 

On Sunday, Happy77 had asked which Club Penguin team color you would be and many of you were not too sure. Club Penguin have made a new quiz poll to decide which color you are! Check it out by clicking here.

These are the options to choose from:

Based on what you are like, there will be a color mood for that option! To vote go to the Community Blog of Club Penguin.

What do you think of this new poll? Let me know all your thoughts in a comment! 

Club Penguin Times Issue #257 

 Club Penguin has now released the 257th “Penguin Times” newspaper. This is delivered every Thursday and it is available for both non members and members of Club Penguin to read.

The top article in this week’s Penguin Times newspaper has announced that a new sport’s team colour is introduced to the Stadium, Yellow on Sep. 24. The new Snow & Sport’s catalog will include the new Yellow team kit.

A few words about the new Better Igloos Catalog were mentioned by Club Penguin in the special “Decorating” section of the Penguin Times Newspaper. “Penguins looking for a home office with more of a ‘college’ setting will find everything they need” It look’s like today’s Better Igloo’s Catalog will be filled with many “college” things.

The upcoming events that will occur soon are stated below:

  • Fairy Fables play returns – September 17th
  • Snow & Sports catalog – September 24th
  • Penguin Style Catalog – October 1st
  • New Cart Surfer Stamps – October 5th
  • New Pin – September 24th

What do you think of this week’s Penguin Times newspaper? Let me know in a comment!

Club Penguin Field Op #14 Cheats 

 Today, Tuesday, a new Field Op is out on Club Penguin. Follow these steps to earn your stamps and medals:

Step 1. Click on your spy phone, on the bottom left corner.
Step 2. Go to the EPF Command Room.

Step 3. Accept the new Field Op

Step 4. Using your map go to the Ice Berg
Step 5. Walk over the tip of the Ice Berg

Step 6. Play the game to earn the stamp and achievement medal!

Step 7. You earn a stamp automatically for doing the Field Op and/or logging in. (If you haven’t already).

Congratulations on completing Club Penguin’s newest Field Op! Why didn’t Club Penguin just update it yesterday…

Club Penguin Green Puffle Available in Jet Pack Adventure

Club Penguin has recently updated and now you can bring your Green Puffle to the game Jet Pack adventure! To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Buy/Take your Green Puffle
  • Go to the game Jet Pack Adventure located at the Beacon

Due to this, Club Penguin even added new stamps to the Jet Pack Adventure page! Awesome, right? What do you think of this new update? Leave a comment and let me know! 

New Club Penguin Game & Jet Pack Adventure Stamps! 

 Club Penguin adds tons of stamps for the new Club Penguin Game Day! It is in a new category called ‘Video Game Stamps’ I’m getting the game for my Wii for sure when it comes out. The game launches very soon. September 21st, 2010

Club Penguin also added 4 new stamps for the Jet Pack Adventure. Check them out:

I’m really left behind in my stamp collection, how many have you collected? Leave a comment and let us know!

Club Penguin Migrator Leaves! 

Today the Fall Fair 2010 ended. Along with Rockhopper’s jolly return back to Rockhopper Island. When will we see him back, maybe until Christmas!

Fairwell Rockhopper. Did you meet Rockhopper? Comment your favourite memory! 

Club Penguin EPF Stamp Problem Fixed! 

If you log into Club Penguin now you can get the EPF Stamps! No longer do you have to save stamps you earn them finally!

Thank you Club Penguin for fixing this. I guess Billybob took a look at our site.

Club Penguin Series 9 Mix & Match Toys 

A few weeks back, Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Series 9 plush toys, well now, they’ve released the Series 9 Mix and Match toys! Mix and Match toys are small Club Penguin figures with different parts of the body that you can take off and swap for one and another. Below are the different styles you can choose from.

Red Football Player and Cheerleader:

Wizard and Amethyst Princess:

Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl:

Gary the Gadget Guy and Robot:

DJ Cadence with Boom box and Dance floor:

Full credit to Monchocho for those images of the Series 9 figures! So, which is your favorite item? Let me know by leaving a comment! 

New Club Penguin Black Hoodie with Puffles! 

Hello Penguins, Frenzen is back! Club Penguin has brought to us a new Hoodie that we can purchase in Disney Store UK only! This Hoodie is black and it has the orange puffle including with other amazing puffles. Let’s take a look at it:

The black hoodie is amazing and especially the orange puffle, because I love it! What is your favorite puffle? Are you going to buy it? Comment and let us know your unheard thoughts! 

Club Penguin Art for Haiti Mural Complete! 

Today, Club Penguin has given us another update on the Art for Haiti Project! Thanks to our support and many kids in Haiti, the project was a huge success. The mural is finished! Check out a few pictures:

The winner, Mickey1216′s picture has been painted into a mural! I think it looks great! Club Penguin wants to thank everyone who participated. Do you like the mural? Comment and share your thoughts! 

New Club Penguin Featured Igloo 

 Club Penguin have recently updated the Featured Igloo section of the Community blog with a new featured igloo this week. This week, the featured igloo is from Floflololo, take a look.

So, what do you think of this week’s featured igloo? Let me know, by leaving a comment below.

Club Penguin Likely to Add Four New Languages! 

 As you know, Club Penguin currently has 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Well, if you check out Club Penguin’s Terms Of Usepage, you will notice they have updated their translate list! The new languages available for translate are listed below.

  • Dannish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Club Penguin has also entered these 4 languages into the mini Terms Of Use section when creating a penguin! Check it out in an image below.

Most of you probably don’t care that you can now ready the Terms Of Use in new languages, but think closer. If they updated the Terms Of Use page, what’s stopping them from adding those languages to Club Penguin? Basically, I’m saying it’s very likely that Club Penguin will soon add Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish to their language list! Are you excited for these possible upcoming updates? Most importantly, will you use them? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! Thanks for the info, Fastjordan. 

Club Penguin Character Stamps Photos 

The majority of you penguins already now about the character stamps page that was added in our Stamp Book but ever wondered what the empty photos on the right were? Here is the answer:

First start off by opening up your Stamp Book by clicking on the Stamp button below your player card.

Now for the people who haven’t found Rockhopper yet, you should have your page of character stamps empty with no photos. In addition, you will have a small stamp on the first photo with the number 1 beside it.

As you can observe, the Rockhopper stamp is the first on on the list and so there is a number 1 beside the first photo. So to the people who have found Rockhopper and got the stamp, their character stamp page should look like this:

Now that i have found Rockhopper and got his stamp… the photo was filled with the Rockhopper picture. Do you see the picture below it now? It has a stamp with the number 4 beside it and if you look on the stamp list, the fourth stamp is the stamp where you must be in the same room as Franky. If you complete that stamp, the second picture will be filled and so you will see the last number for the last photo.

The reason i cannot tell you about the last photo is because nobody has found Franky and got the stamp yet as he hasn’t visited the island. When he does, we will then be able to determine the last photo and its requirements.

I wrote this guide to all the Club Penguin fans out there who had questions about this issue. Let us know what you think!

Update: Some comments on this post are WRONG. If you think of it the way that you must get 4 stamps for the second picture, what is the photo going to be? A picture of 4 mascots in all one photo? Isn’t it supposed to be 1 specific penguin in a photo? If you need 8, which penguin will be in the picture? All the mascots? Get your facts straight before criticizing please.

New Club Penguin Fall Fair Iceberg Room Coloring Page! 

Today, Club Penguin released a new coloring page! It’s really cool, and creative too! Check it out:

It’s about a few penguins having fun sliding down the slide at the Iceberg! If you wish to see more Club Penguin coloring pages, then click here.

What do you think of this new coloring page? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Recycling Postcards Glitch 

 Ever since the Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 came out, Club Penguin has experienced over 5 glitches and this isn’t a joke. Look through our post and you will realize what I’m saying is true! Well, I was looking through comments and noticed you guys found a glitch aswell. I tried it for myself and you guys weren’t lying, either! Below are the instructions to how the new glitch works.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Open up your Mail located in the top left corner
  • Try to Recycle any postcard

After successfully completing the instructions above, you will notice your mail won’t recycle! The only way to get rid of mail is to Remove it, which is the same thing except it removes all postcards from the player who sent it. Will Club Penguin fix this soon? Well, all I can say is that they have a lot of bugs to fix! What do you think of this new glitch? Leave a comment and let us know!

New Club Penguin Fall Fair Ticket Pin Cheat 

 Today, Club Penguin has just released yet another collectable pin. These new Club Penguin pins come around every 2 weeks. Below is how to get the newest pin.

  1. Login Club Penguin
  2. Go to the Book Room
  3. Move to the left of the room where the pin is located

Club Penguin Fall Fair Ticket Pin

Congratulations! Now you have successfully obtained the newest Club Penguin pin, the Fall Fair Ticket pin! Thanks Lol Bro for the tip!

Club Penguin Fair Prize Booth New Items Added 

 New items have been added to the Prize Booth. Check out the new prizes for everybody:

These two new added items, both being head items.

Also there are new items at the Member’s Prize Booth as well, check them out:

What do you think of the new added items to the Prize Booth’s? Leave a comment and let me know!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Octagonal Tin Set 

In November, Card-Jitsu Water is POSSIBLY coming to Club Penguin. So, Club Penguin decided to release more stuff about Card-Jitsu Water! They released a Card-Jitsu Water Octagonal Tin Set. Check it out below:

I just have 2 questions: Are you excited that Card-Jitsu Water is coming? Are you gonna purchase this Tin Set? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin’s Screenhog Talks “Fair Party” 

 Screenhog, a moderator of Club Penguin discusses about the Fair and all of the amazing things you can see at this party event. See if you can find all of these things:

Can you find all of these things? Let me know what you think in a comment!

New Club Penguin Fair Coloring Page

 A very creative colouring image has been added to the “Coloring Page”. This image represents the Fair, here is what it looks like:

To print out this new coloring page, click here. Will you print this coloring pageout? Let me know what you think of it in a comment! 

Club Penguin Times Issue #256 

Club Penguin released a new issue of the Club Penguin Times and here are all the main headlines for this week’s newspaper.

To start off, the team has been preparing the new prizes which will be released today within the prize booths.

Within the next page, Club Penguin brings us some exclusive information about a new puffle joining Jet Pack adventure. That puffle is the green puffle and the reason they chose the green puffle was because of their well known flying skills.

There are also some upcoming events. Here is a list of upcoming events that were mentioned in this issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper.

  • September 10: New collectible pin.
  • September 17: Better Igloos catalog, Penguin Mail and Fair Fables returns to the Stage.
  • September 24: New Snow and Sports catalog.

Let us know your thoughts about this newspaper! If it was senseless and boring or useful and helpful, we want to know!

A small note to all my buddies: All my buddies are now from the party and I’m deleting some buddies to make room for others. Sorry if you get deleted. 

Club Penguin Green Hoodie Colour Glitch 

A few days ago my friend, Red6872, discovered a huge new glitch on Club Penguin. I tried it for myself and apparently it works! Sadly, the glitch is only available for members due to the whole glitch having to do with a Green Hoodie and it’s currently not un-lockable. Below are the steps to completing this glitch.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Go to any room
  • Wear your Green Hoodie with any colour
  • Dance by clicking the Dance Icon or by clicking ‘D’ on your keyboard

After successfully complete those steps, you should get an image of the glitch below. For some reason, when you dance your penguin turns to a Colbat colour, which was the only available colour for penguins back in Penguin Chat. Just to let you know, this is NOT an edit. Try it for yourself, it’s 100% true! Hmm… is this going to become an official colour to Club Penguin in the future? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! 

New Club Penguin Reviewed by You – Favorite Fair Game 

 Today, Club Penguin released a new Reviewed by You on the community blog. Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what’s the most challenging stamp you’ve earned so far? And the winner, Lightdeer, said:

The one most challenging for me was definitely catching mullet in Aqua Grabber! I had been trying for forever, even before stamps came out! Always pulled me into walls, then id lose him. But then one day, mullet pulled me in all the right directions, and i caught him! I love that stamp so much (and the coins didnt hurt either!) so i display that stamp on the cover of my book. Waddle on CP!

Cool – thanks Lightdeer!

September 8th Blog Image.png

We’ve seen lots of you playing games and winning prizes at the Fair. This week we’d like to know, what’s your favorite Fair game? Tell us about it!Comment here on the community blog.

Club Penguin EPF Stamps Issue! 

 If you have looked at our recent posts, Yankymetro found out that there are a few new stamps. You may have been wondering why you haven’t earned 5 and 10 EPF Stamps.

That’s because Club Penguin wants you too save up your stamps. To earn the stamps you cannot spend any of your EPF medals buying gear. If you have been saving your EPF Medals up you would have the 5 and 10 stamps.

If you were like me and spend the credits you earned from doing the EPF Field-Ops than we didn’t get the stamp. This means we are 13 weeks behind on getting some of the stamps. This really stinks and I hope Club Penguin changes this. Lets hope Billybob or one of the Moderators view this post and change it.

Club Penguin Field Op #13 Cheats!

Today, Monday, a new Field Op is out on Club Penguin. Follow these steps to earn your stamps and medals:

Step 1. Click on your spy phone
Step 2. Go to the EPF Room
Step 3. Accept the Field Op

Step 4. Go to the Forest
Step 5. Use the tunnel to get to the hidden lake.
Step 6. Walk over to the Aqua Grabber Machine

Step 7. Play the game to earn the stamp and achievement medal!
Step 8. You earn a stamp automatically for doing the Field Op and/or logging in.


New Club Penguin EPF Agent Stamps! 

Today, Club Penguin released 4 new Elite Penguin Force stamps for us to collect. To earn the 4 new stamps, for the first stamp, you have to earn 1 EPF Medal, for the second stamp, 5 EPF Medals, for the third stamp, 10 EPF Medals, for the fourth stamp, 25 EPF Medals, and for the fifth stamp, 50 EPF Medals, check it out below:

Awesome, right? Have you earned this new stamps? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Visits Melbourne Aquariam in Australia! 

During the time of September 1st to October 3rd, 2010, Club Penguin will be visiting Melbourne Australia. There will be lots of giveaways and shows the Aquarium in Melbourne, Australia.

Also Club Penguin’s illustrator Adam Semeniuk will fly from Canada to Australia to show kids how to draw a penguin and teach them other interesting stuff. Be sure to check it out if you live in Australia! 

Club Penguin Clown Item Glitch 

 If you have been playing the Fall Fair Mini-Games and earning lots of the prizes, you might have noticed that if you already have any of the Clown Items you will be able to have two of the same items in your inventory if you get them from the Prizes Booth at the Forest. Normally, if you try to buy an item you already have, this message comes up:

But, instead you can get the same item twice! This is really strange and I’m wondering if Club Penguin will fix his glitch or not. Leave me a comment if your enjoying the Fall Fair party.

Club Penguin’s Happy77 Posts Answers to Your Wii Questions!

Today, on the Community Blog, Happy told us how great reporters we are. Last Sunday we asked some questions about the multiplayer Club Penguin Game Day! for Wii. Here are some of the questions Happy77 answered:


Diego2310 asked: “In the new game will you get the opportunity to meet any of the famous penguins?”
A: There’s a Dance game – so Cadence will be around. And maybe a few morepenguins you’ll recognize, too…

20andy10 asked: “If you earn things on the game, will you at the end be able to upload them to your computer club penguin account?”
A: Yep! There are items in the game that you can transfer via Wi-fi to your online penguin account. You’ll also get an unlock code with the game.

Ninjaneal asked: “Will there be stamps for the game?”
A: Yes! You’ll be able to earn stamps (14 total) – and then send them via Wi-fi to your Stamp Book in Club Penguin! Check out your Stamp Books when Club Penguin Game Day! Wii comes out to see what stamps you’ll be able to earn on Wii.

The Yellow, Blue, Red and Green team are going to try to conquer the island. So, which team are you gonna join? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Art for Haiti Update! 

Billybob has got an update for Art for Hati announcement. Billybob has gotten us some pictures of the new school in progress, and the old school it’s replacing:

Blog 2010-09-04.jpg

The team would like to thank you all again for your support. One reason we chose to build a school in Haiti was because of all the comments we received from you after the earthquake this year. Your passion inspired us!

Also, next Saturday we’ll have pictures of the finished mural, so check back! And if there’s anything you’d like to say to the kids in Haiti, let us know in the comments and we’ll deliver the message.

Wow, I’m so happy the Art for Haiti is helping! What do you think? Comment and let me know! 

New Club Penguin Featured Igloo 

Club Penguin has recently updated the ‘Featured Igloo’ section of the Community Blog. Below is this week’s featured igloo by a penguin named Mitus.

So, what do you think of this weeks featured igloo? As always, let us know by leaving a comment. 

Club Penguin Green Puffle In Jet Pack Game? 

 Recently I saw something new on the “What’s New” Blog of Club Penguin. They mentioned that we will be seeing our Green Puffles in one of the minigames. I examined all of the Green Puffle’s features and saw that it likes to fly! The Jet Pack game would be perfect for the green puffle as it can fly.

What do you think of this theory? Do you think the Green Puffle will be flying  in the Jet Pack game? Let me know all your thoughts in a comment!

Rockhopper’s Club Penguin Plant Color Change? 

I just checked my Club Penguin Igloo, and I noticed that Rockhopper’s plant has changed color! Remember when Rockhopper’s plant stopped growing and we were all confused? Well, take a look at the plant now:

Wow! The old Rockhopper Plant had a color of orange/yellow. This plant has a color of dark green/blue. Very strange. Leave me a comment if you have met Rockhopper yet. 

Club Penguin Yellow Team Exclusive 

 I have just received a very important picture from a page in one of the new Club Penguin Books. Take a look:

Cool! If you can’t read the image, here is what is says:

All sports jerseys, uniforms, and cheerleader outfits come in red, blue and green, so you and your friends can choose a team color. And there’s good news – yellow uniforms are coming soon!

Thanks newjersey325
I’m excited for Club Penguin Game Day. Leave me a comment if you will be buying the game.

New Club Penguin Fall Fair Coloring Page!

Today, along with the Fall Fair 2010, Club Penguin released a new coloring page about it. Take a look below:

This coloring page is about 4 puffles doing tricks, and a penguin training them! What do you think of this new coloring page? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Fall Fair Ticket Glitch 

Whilst I was playing a Fall Fair game, I noticed that there is a glitch which allows you to earn double or even triple the amount of tickets you earn. Here is a guide on how to do this glitch:

1. Log into your Club Penguin account.
2. Go to any Fall Fair 2010 Game. For this example I will use Ring The Bell.

3. Play the game until you want to quit or until the game ends.
4. Next, when the exit screen comes up, press the Tab button on your keyboard until a yellow rectangle goes around the Close button.

5. Then, press the enter button on your keyboard rapidly. If you have done all these steps correctly then you should earn more then the tickets you played for!

Looks like the Fall Fair 2010 Party is really popular. Let me know if you have met Rockhopper yet. 

Rockhopper’s New Club Penguin Background 

If you have met Rockhopper on Club Penguin yet then you will have seen that Rockhopper has released a new background for us to collect. Take a look:

I really like this new background, I bet lots of penguins have collected all the backgrounds from Rockhopper. Wow! Make sure to check out our Rockhopper Tracker for Rockhopper’s latest location! 

New Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Postcard! 

Club Penguin has released a new Fall Fair postcard. It’s really creative too! Take a look below:

Awesome postcard, right? What do you think of this new postcard? Comment and let me know what you think! 

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Cheats Guide and Free Items! 

Today, Club Penguin released the new Fall Fair 2010. A fun filled party with games limited to only a week. Lets begin with the how to earn the free items!

The following is a guide on how to earn tickets in the fall fair to redeem it for prizes:

Play the games located at the Beach, Dock, Snow Forts, Forest and Cove to earn tickets. These tickets will allow you to collect items and the more ticketsyou earn the more items you can collect. You can also play more games in a secret room from the Snow Forts!

Non-Members guide to earning prizes:

Go to the Booth located at the forest to pick up the selected items. More items will be added as the party prolongs.

Members guide to earning prizes:

Every party now has certain things for member penguins. Member’s can go to the booth located at the in the room through the forest and use the ticketsthey collect and pick up the free items. Go through the entrance to the puffle circus.

Now go to the booth to see the prizes for members.

Also at the Fall Fair 2010, it is the Great Puffle Circus. You can watch shows of puffles as they do a circus delight.


Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 New Stamps! 

 New stamps have arrived on Club Penguin! These are limited edition party stamps. Be sure too obtain the stamps during the party.

Also, whiles Rockhopper is here be sure to be in the same room as him to earn the stamp!

Club Penguin September 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Today is the first Thursday of September, meaning Club Penguin has released yet another Club Penguin Style Catalog! Below are the complete cheats to the newest Penguin Style cheats.

Here is how to get the Ring Master Outfit:

  • Go to page 4 of the catalog
  • Click on the tree in the top middle

Here is how to get the Pink Polka-dot outfit:

  • To to page 6 of the catalog
  • Click on the beak of the ‘Penguin At Work’ penguin

Here’s how to get the Green Hiking Boots:

  • Go to page 7 of the catalog
  • Click on the mountain in the top right corner

Here’s how to get the Lasso:

  • Go to page 7 of the catalog
  • Click the lime green penguin’s flipper

Here’s how to get the Blue Duck:

  • Go to page 8 of the catalog
  • Click the snow on the tree in the top middle

Here’s how to get the Mountain Climber Gear and the Hiking Boots:

  • Go to page 8 of the catalog
  • Click on the brown penguin’s eye

Here’s how to get the 3D Glasses:

  • Go to page 9 of the catalog
  • Click on the pile of snow on the tree in the top left corner

Here’s how to get the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar:

  • Go to page 9 of the catalog
  • Click on the lime green penguin’s flipper

Here’s how to get the The Rocker:

  • Go to page 10 of the catalog
  • Click on the right knob of the speaker located at the top left corner

Here’s how to get the Supernova Suit:

  • Go to page 10 of the catalog
  • Click on the left knob of the speaker located at the top left corner

Here’s how to get the Blue Sunglasses:

  • Go to page 10 of the catalog
  • Click on the oval button on the speaker located in the top right corner

Here’s how to get the Purple Electric Bass:

  • Go to page 11 of the catalog
  • Click on the amplifier of the speaker in the top left corner

Here’s how to get the Red Sunglasses:

  • Go to page 11 of the catalog
  • Click on the bar inside the piano located in the bottom right corner

Here’s how to get the Trombone:

  • Go to page 12 of the catalog
  • Click on the mask located at the top right corner

Here’s how to get the Blue and Red Viking Helmet:

  • Go to page 15 of the catalog
  • Click on the bubble at the bottom to get the Red Viking Helmet
  • Click and Close the Red Viking Helmet’s pop-up for times to get the Blue Viking Helmet

That is all the cheats of the newest Club Penguin Penguin Style Catalog. What did you think of the new cheats? Leave a comment and let us know! 

New Club Penguin Login Screen! 

 Club Penguin has released a new Login Screen! Check it out:

Looks like penguins are enjoying the Fall Fair 2010!

Club Penguin September 2010 Rockhoppers Return! 

Rockhopper docked on today at the beach! He brought a few items with him.

Step 1. Go to the Beach using your map
Step 2. Walk aboard the Migrator
Step 3. Go down to the Shiphold
Step 4. Click on the Pirate Catalog in the bottom right

You can obtain the free item for non-members and members can buy the rare Rockhopper items. Don’t forget to check our Rockhopper

New Club Penguin Membership Page! 

 Club Penguin has just updated their Membership Page with awesome Fall Fair 2010 Information. Check it out:

Cool! Looks like the Fall Fair will be here pretty soon!

Club Penguin Homepage Update!

Looks like the Fall Fair 2010 Party will be here fast, because Club Penguin has just updated the Home Page! Look:

Cool! I can’t wait for Rockhopper’s return! 

Club Penguin Times Issue #255! 

Club Penguin has released the 255th issue of the Club Penguin times and this one looks GREAT! It has so many important information you should really know.

The Club Penguin times is first introducing us to The Fair which starts soon and talks a little about it.

The island is abuzz with excitement, as The Fair kicks off on September 3. We spoke with Rockhopper who had a lot to say about it:

Arr! Fair winds and Fair days! I hope ye all be ready for a ruckus, because The Fair is be the greatest thing since stinky cheese!

Next, the Club Penguin team and Rockhopper himself made a guide for us through The Fair so we know what’s going on and where to go.

  1. The Beach – Visit Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator. Then test your skills with a round of Memory Game.
  2. Bonus Games Room – Have fun playing Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop to earn tickets.
  3. Great Puffle Circus – Watch puffles perform amazing tricks – you won’t believe your eyes.
  4. The Cove – Play Feed-a-Puffle to earn tickets, then feed yourself at the popcorn booth.
  5. The Dock – Watch Puffle Shuffle very carefully to win. Then take a break and have some orange Juice.

Next in the newspaper is the most obvious and the most often.. Upcoming Events. Here are the Upcoming Events coming to Club Penguin soon!

  • September 3: New Penguin Style catalog.
  • September 10: New collectible pin.
  • September 17: New Better Igloos catalog, New penguin mail postcards and Fair Fable returns to the Stage.

This issue of the newspaper was awesome. I just loved it because all the information being given out and how they organized it! Let us know your thoughts. 

What’s Coming to Club Penguin for September 2010! 

As you know, today is the first day of September! Most of this means school has started for most, but that won’t stop Club Penguin from giving us fun! Below are 3 sneak peek photo’s for upcoming events for this September!

September 3: The Fair starts! There are LOTS of games to play and you can redeem the tickets you earn for prizes. Remember, the games will only be up during the party, so make sure you check them out!

September 14: Your green puffles will be able to join you in one of the mini-games… which game do you think it’ll be?

September 24: Pick a team and hit the Stadium for some special game events!

Wow, looks like some awesome upcoming events! To start things off, the annual Club Penguin Fall Fair is coming TOMORROW! Soon, green puffles will be able to play with you in a game to earn you extra games. Finally, you can pick a colour team and hit the Stadium for some special game events! Does this mean more stamps? More importantly, in the photo are 4 colours: YELLOW, Green, Blue and Red. Is this more proof of upcoming Yellow gear? Leave a comment and let us know what YOU think about these awesome upcoming events! 

Club Penguin September 2010 Tour Guide Payday! 

 Today is the first day of every month, so we get our payday! The tour guides get paid a 250 coins!

Are you a tour guide? If not please check out the guide on How To Be a Tour Guide Be sure to check your postcards too see if you have received the coins!

Club Penguin Migrator Glitch at the Beach 

I was on my spare penguin yesterday and I seem to have came across a strange glitch. The Migrator was docked at the Beach! It was really weird, I managed to snap a quick picture of it. When I walked onto the ship, it said “Lost Connection.”

What do you think about this weird Club Penguin glitch? Post a comment and let me know what you think! 

New Club Penguin Reviewed By You – Fall Fair 

Club Penguin asked us last week about what we were looking forward in to the Fall Fair and Moon Girl 1 said:

I’m really looking forward to see all of the puffles perform at the famous puffle circus! I have spent a lot of time last year watching all of the puffles perform, and I think I am ready to become a puffle trainer this year! I have been training my puffles in my igloo for a very long time now. I really can’t wait!

This week, Club Penguin asked ”What’s the stamp that you’ve found the most challenging/hard so far?”, comment and let us know what stamp you have found most difficult! 

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue & Missions Stamps Launched 

 The new “Puffle Rescue” and “Missions” Stamps have now arrived to Club Penguin! We now have to collect a total of 158 stamps. Check it out:

The missions stamps can be collected by doing P.S.A missions and the Puffle rescue stamps can be collected  by playing the game “Puffle Rescue”.

What do you think of these new stamps? Let me know all your thoughts in a comment!

Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Getting Closer for the Fall Fair! 

 A while ago, Rockhopper was shown in the telescope located the Beacon. As you know, he was coming for the annual Club Penguin Fall Fair. Well, if you take a look at the telescope, he has came even close! Also, he has tons of more party preparations on the Migrator! Check it out in an image below.

Wow, I can’t wait until Rockhopper and the Fall Fair get here! What are you most excited for this Thursday, when Club Penguin updates? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! 

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 12 Cheats! 

There’s a field ops mission on Club Penguin! Here are Club Penguin Field OpsMission 12 Cheats:

1. Go to the Elite Penguin Force Command room.
2. Click on the Field Ops screen.

3. Go to the Snow Forts.
4. Come closer to Clock Tower.

5. Your Elite Penguin Force spy phone should start blinking green, open/click it.
6. You will have to beat a mini mission by powering up the chip sets!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the new Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 12! 

Club Penguin Yellow Team Confirmed! 

Today, on the new community blog in the newest post, my friend Marciux14 found a confirmation from Happy77 that the Yellow team is coming to Club Penguin soon! Check it out:

Happy77 said:   ”You’ll be seeing yellow on Club Penguin really soon… :)Stay tuned – Billybob’s gonna give you a sneak peek of September in the next little while.”

Are you excited that the Yellow team is coming to Club Penguin? I can’t wait!Do you have the Wii? If you do, are you gonna buy the new Club Penguin Game Day for the Wii? Comment and let us know! 

Club Penguin Happy77 Talks About Game Day 

Our Club Penguin moderator, Happy77, posted a new post on the community blog and wants you to ask questions about Club Penguin Game Day for Nintendo Wii!

You can ask just about anything! I think the reason Happy77 is doing this is because the Club Penguin team wants us to be more aware of the game and it’s features. Let us know what you think!Our Club Penguin moderator, Happy77, posted a new post on the community blog and wants you to ask questions about Club Penguin Game Day for Nintendo Wii!

You can ask just about anything! I think the reason Happy77 is doing this is because the Club Penguin team wants us to be more aware of the game and it’s features. Let us know what you think! 

Club Penguin CP August 2010 Team Party Review! 

On Friday, August 26th 2010, I posted about an upcoming party which happened yesterday. The party was a actually FULL since 7:00 AM PST, and was like that until the end of the party! Some penguins got mad that all of us couldn’t add, but this post will explain everything. Before we start with the review, below are the authors who attended.

  • Champ344
  • Eunes (briefly)
  • Frenzen2/xrichkidx (briefly)
  • Matthew722
  • Tommy 234 56
  • Waddleboy200
  • Woffbuffet1/Secret Woff
  • Yankymetro

Note that not all penguins took pictures, therefore not every penguin got his own category.

Matthew722′s side of the party

My buddy list was able to hold around 30 penguins. So, I didn’t want to come out early like everyone else did because then I would have no room for the penguins who were actually waiting for the party. When the clock hit 10:00 AM PST, I headed off to the Mountain until I noticed it was full. Guess what? So was the Ski Village! As a result, the party began at the Beach. I added about30 penguins there and filled up my buddy list in less than 5 minutes. So, I started giving out tons of postcards. After that we headed off to the Ski Village to get closer to the Mountain. We had a blast!

After literately 10 attempts to get into the Mountain, I gave up. I decided to head into the Ski Lodge where we can play some Find Four. It got a bit too crowded, so we decided to take it to the Attic, where we almost broke the floor down! I played about 5 games of Find Four and well… Lost them all. Hey, I’m not very good at the game!

Finally I was able to get on the Mountain. Like any penguin would do, we played some Sled Racing a few times. We played about 5 times, too. To my surprise, I actually won a game! Honestly, I wonder if that’s going to happen again… Anyway, we decided to randomly smile a few times. Like my mom says, turn that frown upside down!

After that I tried to get imaginative and more fun. So, I decided to have a little ‘toot parade’. If you don’t know, a toot parade is when you do the music note icon (ET) while running across the Club Penguin island. It was so much fun! We were forced to stop at the Cove because it was a dead end. Think we stopped tooting? Maybe this will answer your question…

After that we waddled to the Night Club. We played Dance Contest, the only game I’m actually good at, but sadly my luck disappointed me again. I forgot to switch to bad quality (=/+) that way it won’t lag. With the huge crowd and good graphics itself put together, my game was just a little carnival game. Try to get an arrow, any arrow! Didn’t work out well… Then, when I did remember to put good quality and try out another game, Cadence told us connection EPICLY failed

Are finally Club Penguin party room decided to me the Dojo. I played at least 3 Card-Jitsu games and guess what? Yeah yeah, you already know. I lost. It was still a really fun experience though. I learned that Club Penguin mini games aren’t my thing! I think I’ll stick with watching TV… Anyway, below is an imageof the fun at the Dojo.

The party actually ended at my igloo, but I wasn’t able to take a picture for some odd reason. I tried to visit other igloos, but their penguin names wouldn’t show up so nobody knew which igloo to go to. Then time slowly ticked and I had to go. Overall, it was a lot of fun because some penguins got added and others got postcards. Just a tip for next party: When you want a postcard, go somewhere I can see you. It’s hard to click you when you’re in a crowd! Besides that, you guys really do ROCK!

Woffbuffet1′s side of the party

Before I start, I was on 2 penguins during the party. I used my main penguin, Woffbuffet1, to add some lucky penguins. Then, for those who really wanted to be added I went on my backup penguin, Secret Woff. In total, I must’ve added almost 100 penguins! Anyway, the Mountain was full so we partied at the Ski Village for a while. We had some great fun! Check it out:

After that, we waddled around the island and took a dancing stop at the Night Club. We of course, danced for a little bit. Then, we decided to have a little Dance Contest! I didn’t win because you guys are way to good for me, but I came close! Sorry about the bad quality, it’s the only way you can play Dance Contest without it lagging. Aside from that, it was EXTREME!

Wow, that party was really fantastic. If I could have more of them, I would! For those who I was full on Woffbuffet1, I sent postcards to everyone who wanted one. Just to be fair. I hope you guys enjoyed the party because we sure did!

Tommy23456′s side of the party

Just to let you know, my penguin was called Tommy 234 56. Some people thought I was a fake, but most people knew it was me because it was posted on CPCP. Anyway, we started the party at the Mountain. It was very crowded, so it took almost 5 minutes after the party to get inside it! When I did, we started Sled Racing and waddling around. Check it out!

My computer started to lag, so I couldn’t take anymore pictures. We went around the entire island just laughing and having fun! Like we all promised, I added and sent postcards to penguins. My buddy list quickly got full, but I added a lot of penguins. I even started to lose track! The party was nothing I’ve seen before because everyone seemed so happy that they got added by someone. It was just.. incredible.

Champ344′s side of the party

I attended the party and had many fans crowding around me just FIVE hours before the party started! At 10 AM PST, I logged in Club Penguin and added exactly 100 penguins! Lots of other people were sad because I couldn’t add them but I tried my best. I went and played lots of games including Find Four, Mancala, Dance Contest, Card Jitsu and Card Jitsu Fire. I was very glad and pleased to see all my friends and fans at the party.

After the party, we all gathered up and made a little Review of the party. Check it out:

The party was super duper awesome because a lot of penguins wanted to be buddies will all the authors of Club Penguin CP. So, I went a little early to the party to say hi to all the party penguins and they were saying ‘Add me, you rock’ and a lot of penguins were telling me some funny things and it was very fun. One of the best Club Penguin CP’s parties ever had. So, I will like to thank everyone who came to the party and I hope you all had fun as much as me!And I hope to have another party just like this one in the future!


I loved the CPCP Team Party. I couldn’t add everyone because my list was already getting full before the party but I also sent many post cards out as well! I hope everybody had a great time!


The party was just.. amazing. It was fun because even if you didn’t get added by 1 penguin, you had a total of 5 others penguins to add. Basically, it was a high percent chance of getting added. Even if you didn’t get added, everyone seemed to have so many laughs and fun. One of the best partiesof the summer!


That party was epic! All of the workers partied over about 6 different rooms! Everywhere we went, there were penguins filling the room everywhere! The server was filled even before the start of the party, it was huge! I would like to thank everyone who came, and say sorry if you didn’t get added. I also want to thank Chrisdog93 for giving us authors this party!


It was the best party I’ve ever hosted with all of my friends. I never really had such a huge crowd and so many fans wanting to be my buddy really but it worked out. I added over 100 penguins, then deleted 50 and added another 50 just so everybody can have a turn being my buddy but it looked like some people were still left out. In conclusion, It’s a huge honor to work at Club Penguin CP and i am willing to continue working on it for a while. Thanks Chrisdog93!


Well, that’s basically how the party went for everyone. It seemed like we all had tons of fun, but the real question was did YOU have fun? Who added you? Who sent you a postcard? What was your favourite part of the party? Who did you see? Leave a comment about the party and if enjoyed it and we might even include it in this post!


  • Matthew722
  • Champ344
  • Woffbuffet1
  • Yankymetro
  • Tommy23456
  • Waddleboy200
  • Frenzen
  • Eunes

This post WAS made by all the penguins listed above, not just Matthew722. 

New Club Penguin Featured Igloo! 

I was just checking around Club Penguin and I saw that the Community section of the website, had updated with a new Club Penguin Featured Igloo!

Cool! This igloo deserves to be a Featured Igloo, it contains a lot of items about puffles!Congratulations! This igloo belongs to my buddy. 

Club Penguin Art for Haiti Winner! 

 Billybob has announced the winner of the Art Mural project for Haiti. The winner, Mickey1216, has done an excellent job on drawing an awesome picture to help Haiti. Here’s a picture of Mickey1216′s drawing:

Club Penguin wants to thank everyone who took part! Whether you submitted artwork, took time to vote, or cheered on your favorite all of you made this project possible.

Do you like this drawing? Comment and let me know!

Club Penguin CP August 2010 Team Party! 

UPDATE: Party has just ended! Thanks for coming, it was epic! Review coming later today or tomorrow, depending on the timing.

A few weeks ago, Chrisdog93 had a Club Penguin Party for the end of summer. We saw everyone enjoyed the party a lot, so we have decided to repeat the process tomorrow! Except, this party will have a little twist.. Chrisdog93 is not the only one who works on this blog, Club Penguin CP. He admires are hard work and decided to give us a little treat. This party will sadly NOT include Chrisdog93, but instead the party will be given to some special penguins who blog here. This is also a very special treat for you, too! Ever sad that Chrisdog93 couldn’t add you? Now you have a large variety of penguins to add and our Buddy List is completely FREE! Below is the complete information on the upcoming Club Penguin CP Team Party.

  • Day: This Saturday, August 28 2010. (TODAY!)
  • Time: 10:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Server: Slippers
  • Place: Mountain. If the place is full, please go to either the Ski Village, Beach or Ski Lodge.

Like I said earlier, the party is specifically for the active Club Penguin CP authors. If you are not sure who they are, below is the list of the penguins who work on this site who are attending to the party.

Penguins to look out for:

  • Cena12121
  • Champ344
  • Eunes
  • Frenzen2/xrichkidx (Frenzen)
  • Matthew722
  • Tommy 234 56 (Tommy23456)
  • Waddleboy200
  • Woffbuffet1/Secret Woff (Woffbuffet1′s backup)
  • Yankymetro

I hope you can all attend. The party will be a blast, and a pure Summer Ending fun for those starting school in early September! So, we have a question for all of you. Are you guys going to attend the Club Penguin CP August 2010 Team Party? Leave a comment and let us know! 

Club Penguin Book Codes: The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin 

 A few days ago Club Penguin called The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin, an extended addition the the original book. Thanks to our friend,Tech163, we managed to get a few codes to the new book! Below is the cover of the new Club Penguin book.

To begin unlocking, follow the steps below.

  • Login your penguin but do not go into a server.
  • Click the “Unlock Items Online” button in the top right corner.
  • Go under “I have a book”
  • Select The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin book

Now you may start unlocking. Here are some of the answers to The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin:

Q: What is the 1st word on page 8 on line 4?

A: Location

Q: What is the 2nd word on page 11 on line 3?

A: Penguin

Q: What is the 2nd word on page 14 on line 14?

A: Circle

Q: What is the 6th word on page 17 on line 10?

A: Igloo

Q: What is the 2nd word on 26 page on line 17?

A: Interested

Q: What is the 8th word on page 39 on line 19?

A: Free

Q: What is the 5th word on page 58 on line 4?

A: Fourth

Q: What is the 6th word on page 65 on line 3?

A: Tricky

Q: What is the 5th word on page 125 on line 3?

A: Guitar

Q: What is the 6th word on page 131 on line 3?

A: Beside

Q: What is the 2nd word on page 131 on line 11?

A: An

Q: What is the 4th word on page 144 on line 4?

A: Fashion

Q: What is the 7th word on page 155 on line 2?

A: Rock

Q: What is the 2nd word on page 184 on line 1?

A: Greatest

Q: What is the 5th word on page 192 on line 6?

A: Placed

Q: What is the 2nd word on page 196 on line 16?

A: Loves

Q: What is the 2nd word on page 198 on line 18?

A: Decorate

Q: What is the 3rd word on page 202 on line 16?

A: Access

Q: What is the 9th word on page 202 on line 2?

A: Suddenly

Now you will either get 1,000 coins + an unlocked book or 1,500 coins. It depends if you’ve unlocked a Club Penguin book before. Anyway, did you get this new Club Penguin book? Leave a comment and let us know!

Exclusive Upcoming Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Items 

As you know, the Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 is coming next week. As a result, Club Penguin added a new login screen to the Club Penguin Home Page. If you haven’t noticed yet, there are 2 penguins playing Puffle Paddle with 2 new items. I made a little edit and got a picture of the 2 upcoming items that will most likely be available at the Fall Fair 2010 Ticket Booth as a prize!

I find they look like pretty cool prizes, especially the yellow and red hat. Which item do you prefer more? The flower hat, or the long yellow and red hat? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! 

Club Penguin August/September 2010 Costume Catalog NO Cheats 

Today, Club Penguin has released their newest Stage Play, Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. As you know, a Costume Catalog comes with this. Sadly, this month’s new Club Penguin Costume Catalog has no cheats. You can check out the new Costume Catalog’s cover in an image below.

Personally, I’m very disappointed Club Penguin excluded some hidden items from the newest Costume Catalog. Are you disappointed Club Penguin excluded cheats from yet another Costume Catalog? Leave a comment and let us know! 

New Club Penguin Igloo Pin Cheat 

Today, Club Penguin has just released yet another collectable pin. These new Club Penguin pins come around every 2 weeks. So, don’t try to miss one! Below is how to get the newest pin.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Go to the Pool
  • Waddle next to the right window.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully obtained the newest Club Penguin pin, the Igloo pin! What pin would you like to see on the snowy island in the next 2 weeks? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Card-Jitsu Water Coming Soon to Club Penguin? 

 A lot of you penguins have heard about Card-Jitsu Water coming soon to Club Penguin. Well, it’s true. This toy store company online,, will be selling Card-Jitsu Water Trading Card Game Set in November, 2010. We don’t know if it’s coming in November. But we are sure that it will come out at the end of the year. Here’s some proof:

This is not 100% true because there isn’t any news about Card-Jitsu Water, nor any construction near the Ninja Hideout. But, we are sure that Card-Jitsu Water is coming either at the end of 2010, or the beginning of 2011.

What do you think about this? Do you think Card-Jitsu Water will come to Club Penguin? Comment and let me know!

New Club Penguin Fall Fair Login Screen! 

Today, Club Penguin has released a new login screen about the fall fair that’s coming next week! Take a look below:

Hmm… In the background of this login screen, you can see a new a new party hat on the red penguin, you think that’ll be a new item at the Fall Fair 2010? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Preparations 

As you know, the traditional Club Penguin Fall Fair is coming this September. So, Club Penguin decided to have some early preparations! The preparations can be located at the Lighthouse. Check it out in an image below.

Wow, I can’t wait until this year’s Club Penguin Fall Fair! What about you? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! 

New Club Penguin ‘Save Your Igloo’ Button 

Billybob recently mention that Club Penguin would add a button to your igloo items, where you can save the igloo you bought. This way, you won’t have to re-buy it! You can check out the instructions and button below.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Go to your igloo
  • Click the Tape that says ‘Edit Your Igloo’ in the lower-right corner
  • Go under “View Items”
  • Click the Igloo icon

I think it’s a really cool new addition! What do you think of the new Club Penguin igloo button, though? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Club Penguin Community Tree has Grown! 

 Today, the Communtiy tree has grown again! It’s very big right now. Take a look below:

Wow, that’s a big tree. I wonder why the flowers aren’t there anymore, why do you think? Comment and let me know!

Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Almost Here for the Fall Fair! 

According to the Club Penguin Times, Rockhopper will be visiting for the annual Fall Fair. Well, if you go take a look at the telescope located at the Beacon you will notice Rockhopper is on his way here! He is still far away, but he’s close enough to be seen in the telescope. You can check it out in an image below.

Are you excited for Rockhopper’s return or are you more excited about the Fall Fair? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! 

New Club Penguin Wallpaper! 

Today, Club Penguin updated their Community Section of their blog with a cool new wallpaper!

Cool! I think this wallpaper is better than the previous wallpaper Club Penguin released. 

Club Penguin Times Issue #254! 

Club Penguin has released a new issue of the Club Penguin Times with brand new information about exclusive and exciting upcoming events.

Preparations are starting and construction for the Fair is underway! This party is shaping up to a magical event with hopefully brand new prizes.

In the next few pages, Club Penguin is telling us some exclusive information about a brand new feature to our igloos where we can save them.

Then around the end of the issue #254 of the newspaper, the team gives us an idea about some upcoming events. Here they are:

  • September 3: New Penguin Style catalog & The Fair begins.
  • September 10: New hidden collectible pin!
  • September 17: Fairy Fables returns to the Stage & a new Better Igloos catalog.

This issue of the Club Penguin Times tells us a lot. What excites you most and what are you mostly looking forward to? 

Club Penguin Art for Haiti Finalists 

 Today, the Art for Haiti Finalists have been announced on the Club Penguin community blog! The Club Penguin team has reviewed all of the artwork, and came up with four finalists, which are: Bella Stars, Cadogs, Mochileiro 7,Mickey1216:

These pieces of artwork look great! Club Penguin wants to thank everyone who took part in this project. Click here to vote which piece of artwork you like the best. Which piece of artwork is your favorite? Comment and let us know!

New Club Penguin EPF Teleports Coming Soon! 

 You guys know about the new teleports coming soon, right? Well, I found some more information. Remember the EPF movie that you can see at the Command Room? Well, if you go there you can see a new EPF movie if you gather 20 penguins in the same room. Anyways, here’s what I found in the video:

There will be one located at the beach, cove and at the EPF Command Room, which it’s already there. So, if you go to the beach, you can see the nets and fishes:

The new teleports will look like this:

Here’s the EPF teleport in the Command Room, which was there since the EPF Command Room was created:

And here’s where the teleport will be at:

Here’s what it will look like:

So that’s all, does this have to do anything with Herbert? Or a new mission?

Comment with a realistic thought or theory, and we will post it right here on this post!

Club Penguin Language For Books Bug

Club Penguin has encountered an error in their books from the unlock items online section. If you check out some of the books, the titles are in Portuguese when they should be in English.

This bug should be fixed within a few days. Why don’t you go check out the books and let us know if you have the same bug. 

Club Penguin Reviewed by You! 


Today, Club Penguin posted another Reviewed by You on their What’s New Blog! Last week, Billybob asked us what we have done to help others in our community.
Reenabean98 said:
I love to help make a difference. My favorite way to help is by growing my hair! When my hair is 10 inches longs, I braid it and send it to Locks of Love, and they make it into a wig for people with cancer. It gives me a new look and I feel great that I did something good for someone else!


Check back next week for another Club Penguin Reviewed by You! 

New Club Penguin EPF Teleports Coming Soon? 

Today, while I was watching the new EPF Command Room movie, I saw something interesting. To watch the video, you need 10 penguins or more in the same room. Anyways, I saw something in the video about teleports coming to Club Penguin. Take a look below:

Awesome, right? There’s gonna be a EPF teleporter at the beach, and one at the cove. I don’t know why would they add 2 more teleporters if you can teleport from your EPF Spy Phone and the teleporter from the Phone Facility building. Maybe it’s more faster.

What do you think? Comment and let me know what you think! 

New Club Penguin Movie in EPF Command Room 

Today along with the new Field Ops and Elite Gear, Club Penguin has released a new movie in the Command Room! If you get 10 penguins to sit around the table in the EPF Command Room, a new movie will play! Here are some pictures of the new movie:

Here is another picture of the movie, showing 3 portals in the Club PenguinIsland:

What do you think about this new movie? Do you think it could mean a new mission? Comment and share your thoughts! 

Club Penguin Field Ops 11 Cheats 

Today, Club Penguin released their 11th Field Op! If you want to accept and complete your field op you need to first follow these simple steps provided:

  • Login Club Penguin.
  • Go to the Elite Penguin Force HQ.
  • Accept your Field Op.

  • The Field Op Mission says: “We’ve recieved information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause serious damage. Search the island together for it, then shut it down. We can’t take any chances“.
  • Accept your Elite Penguin Force Field Op.
  • Go to the Lighthouse
  • Waddle over to the Speaker

  • Complete the puzzle or challenge that is given to you.

To do so, over load the circuit by matching the shapes. For more information, view the image below.

Congratulations! You have completed the new Field Op! Check back next week for another Field Op. 

New Club Penguin Tactical Elite Penguin Force Gear 

Club Penguin recently released the new 11th Field Ops. As a result, they decided to add some new Elite Penguin Force Gear to the collection! The newgear is actually under a new category called “Tactical”. You can check it out in an image below.

The new gear feature:

Tactical Headsets

  • Alpha Headset
  • Delta Headset

Basic Set

  • H20 Pack
  • Range Finder
  • Tactical Gear
  • Tactical Boots

What do you think of the new Elite Penguin Force Gear? Most importantly, what new gear would you like to see on the Elite Penguin Force Gear list? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

New Club Penguin Celebration Cake! 

  Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has released a new Club penguin Celebration Cake with all the facts and ingredients. Unfortunately it’s available only for people who live in the United Kingdom. Here is how the cake will look like:

The orange puffles look very cute, don’t they? Do you live in UK? Are you going to buy this cake? Comment and share your amazing thoughts!

Screenhog Visits Club Penguin for his Birthday!

Today, Screenhog, one of the owners of Club Penguin, was waddling around the server North Pole for his birthday. He wasn’t adding, but he was sending postcards out to some penguins. This is actually a big event, because no Club Penguin owner as been seen on Club Penguin for a few years now! You can check out Screenhog’s player card and proof he was online below.

First of all, I’d just like to wish Screenhog a very happy birthday! His appearance took place around 12:00 PM PST – 12:30 PM PST. Basically, this was a very epic event. Were you there to see Screenhog? Did he send you a postcard? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

 Club Penguin Art for Haiti Submissions Open!

 Last week, Club Penguin announced their Art for Haiti project, and now they are taking submissions of drawings to be made into a mural! Everyone has been very excited to submit their pieces of artwork, and now you can do so!

Club Penguin has been working with charities in Haiti to build more schools, and the mural will be painted in the school! To submit your art, click here. Are you going to submit some art? Comment and let us know!

Club Penguin’s Rockhopper a Bot

Many of you penguins are spreading out rumors saying that Rockhopper’s a ”bot”. This rumor might be true. And today, I found something that you penguins will enjoy to see and will change the way you think about Rockhopper:

Now that we’re through this, this picture has been taken from a Club Penguin file that has been sitting around for a long time. So, what does this script mean? So I guess, a long time ago all the Club Penguin characters were run by a script. It might not be used anymore, because you can talk to other penguins and almost always find Rockhopper. This doesn’t mean the script wasn’t used, it was used but a long time ago.

What do you think about this? – Do you think this was used in the past? Comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin August/September 2010 Better Igloo Catalog Cheats! 

A new Club Penguin Better Igloo Catalog has been released! Here are all the Better Igloo Catalog cheats:

A while ago, Club Penguin made you create your on clothing in the Penguin Styles Catalog. Now, you can now decorate your own furniture!

Here’s how you find the Climbing Wall:

1. Go to the 2nd page of the Better Igloo Catalog.
2. Click on the top of the Modern Art.

Here is how to find the Drum Kit:

  1. Go to the 1st page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the disks on the DJ Table.

Here is how to find the Quarter Note:

  1. Go to the 1st page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the bottom speaker on the Wall Speaker.

Here is how to find the Guitar Stand:

  1. Go to the 2nd page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the bottom silver light of the Disco Ball.

Here is how to find the lanterns:

  1. Go to the 2nd page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the word “Disco”

Here is how to find the music stand:

  1. Go to the 2nd page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on any of the bottoms of the Eight Note.

Here is how to find the HD TV:

  1. Go to the 3rd page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the top of the clothes rack.

Here is how to find the Mermaid Vanity:

  1. Go to the 4th page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the middle of the stone wall ruins.

Here is how to find the Bamboo Torch:

  1. Go to the 4th page of the Better Igloos Catalog.
  2. Click on the 3rd hole from the left on the pirate ship.


Club Penguin August/September 2010 Igloo Upgrade Catalog Cheats 

Club Penguin has finally released the newest Igloo Upgrade Catalog with a brand new igloo! The igloo is called the Cozy Cottage. To view this new igloo, check out the image below.

Below is how to get the Secret Stone Igloo.

  • Go to the 2nd page.
  • Click the crowbar in the top-right corner

Below is how to get the Pumpkin.

  • Go to the 3rd page
  • Click any of the lights at the top of the Gym.

Below is how to get the Bamboo Hut.

  • Go to the 4th page
  • Click “Fish” in the word “Fish Bowl”

Below is how to get the Pink Ice Palace.

  • Go to the 5th page
  • Click the door of the Ice Palace

Below is how to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo.

  • Go to the 8th page.
  • Click the door of the Deluxe Stone Igloo

Wow! That looks like an awesome new igloo. It’s kinda disappointing that Club Penguin didn’t add anymore hidden igloos, though. Anyway, are you going to buy it and how will you decorate it? Leave a comment and let us know your awesome ideas! 

New Club Penguin Adventure Coloring Page! 

 Today on the community blog, Club Penguin has released a new coloring page. Check it out below:

In this coloring page, we can see some penguins and a puffle going on an adventure in the woods!

What do you think of this coloring page? Comment and let me know!

New Club Penguin Igloo Music August 2010!

Club Penguin has added new igloo music for your igloo! Check it out below:

The new music are:

  • You Rock.
  • The Ringmaster!
  • For Great Justice.

What do you think about the new igloo music? What song is your favorite? Comment and let me know! 

New Club Penguin August 2010 Postcards 

Today Club Penguin has released some brand new postcards. Most of them are mostly about the out doors. The rest our usual Postcards that have been updated with better quality. There are a total of 5 new postcards. You can check them out below.

The new postcards above are located on the first page. Below are what the new postcards say/are used for:

  • Turn Green
  • Campire Story
  • Thank you
  • Check out my igloo

I have to admit the new postcards are pretty cool. The graphics are so much better, especially the new ‘Check Out My Igloo’ postcard. What do you think of the new postcards? Leave a comment and let me know! 

New Club Penguin Igloo Editing Login Screens! 

 Club Penguin has added 3 new Club Penguin login screens! Check them out below:

Cool login screens, right? Do you like them? My favorite one is the first one! Comment and let me know what you think!

Extended Proof: New Upcoming Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Element

 In the newest Club Penguin Times, Card-Jitsu was the topic in the ‘In Focus’ section. Earlier this week, we were talking about some evidence which lead to a new Card-Jitsu Element. To read this article, you can click here. If you look closely into the second page of ‘In Focus’, you will notice that a penguin gives us more evidence to something big. You can check this out in an image below.

The highlighted text above speaks out:

He (Sensei) said he has very big plans for ninjas.

If you don’t remember, Card-Jitsu Fire was released around November 2009. So, will Card-Jitsu Water or Ice be released sometime in November 2010? There still isn’t a lot of proof, but still very possible. What do you think is possible? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

Club Penguin Times Issue #253!

 Club Penguin has released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times and here are the important headlines.

On August 20, decorators will have more ways than ever to furnish their igloos with the new Create Your Furniture feature. This feature gets me really excited, i sure can’t wait for the feature to arrive!

Also, Club Penguin gives us hints about the upcoming features on Club Penguin so here they are:

  • August 27: Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl returns to the stage and a new collectible pin!
  • September 3: New Penguin Style Catalog and The Fair party arrives.

A new party and a new feature for our furniture! This is going to be a blast and I’m already excited. What about you?

Club Penguin Igloo Decoration Reviewed By You! 

Club Penguin has released the latest reviewed by you. Last week, Club Penguin asked us our favorite kind of igloo we like to decorate andBluetru2006 said:

My favorite igloo is the igloo with a yard! Where else would I put all my plants? It looks great and is fun. I use it for a beautiful garden, or sometimes an outdoor party. I think it is the best igloo! Me and my buddies love to hang out in my garden and look at all the flowers around us. Thanks for making it CP!! Waddle On!! :)

This week, Club Penguin would like to know what you’ve done to help your community. Let us know in a comment which is 50 – 75 words. 

Club Penguin’s Server Blizzard Popularity Glitch 

 As you know, Club Penguin’s top servers are and always have been Blizzard, Frozen and Mammoth. They usually either have 4 -5 green bars, or they’re full. For the passed month, I’ve been logging in Club Penguin and noticing that one of those popular servers, Blizzard, have contained a minor glitch. Despite how many penguins are online, it remains at one green bar. You can check out the glitch below.

Some people think penguins are just not visiting Blizzard anymore, but that’s not the case. The first page usually is the most popular. Even if less people visited, it would be around the 3 green bars. Secondly, when you login the server Blizzard it’s as usual, packed with penguins. Now, notice the second glitch. When the server is full it remains at one green bar, but the server just doesn’t load. You can check out this part of the glitch in an image below.

The bottom line is Blizzard does work. It’s still it’s popular self, but for some odd reason the server remains at 1 green bar. Do you think Club Penguin has noticed this and do you think they will fix it soon? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest Winner

 There obviously couldn’t be 10 winners. So, we made a poll. The poll featured each penguin’s name. Your job was to vote for the best caption of the 10. After one whole week of voting and over 3,000 votes, we have our winner who will win an exclusive VIP Party with the one and all, Chrisdog93! Below is our Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest winner. Good luck!

I’d like to give an insane congratulations to the penguin who got over 900 votes for her caption, Mrswiggles10! You can read the winning caption below.

Matthew722: Ouch, I didn’t know that the fire was gonna be a 3-D effect!

Mrswiggles10, please check your e-mail’s inbox in a few hours and you will receive a letter with all the instructions for the VIP Party with Chrisdog93. For those who did not make the finals, it’s okay. We love to have tons of contests so maybe next time will be your lucky day! Also, to the finalists I’d like to give an extreme apology. I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say you guys all did amazing and are lucky to have come so close. Again, don’t worry about it. Club Penguin CP has tons of contests monthly, so keep checking back! Anyway, if you’d like to tell our winner, Mrswiggles10, some supportive words and congratulates, then go right ahead by leaving her a comment. Please note any foul or inappropriate language will not be approved. Keep it clean! Thanks.

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #10 Cheats!

 A new Club Penguin Field Op missions has released, and here are the Field Op cheats:

First, click on your EPF Spy Phone on your bottom left:

Go to the EPF HQ, and waddle over to the Field Ops screen. Click on it, and Gary will give you your instructions:

Accept the mission from Gary. Now, waddle over to the Coffee Shop and click on the Coffee Steamer right next to the door and your EPF Spy Phone will ring:

Click on your EPF Spy Phone and you will have to beat a mini mission. You will have to play the Mini game by powering up the chip sets!

Congratulations! You’ve beaten the new Field Op mission!

What do you think of this week’s Field Ops? Was it easy? Comment and let me know what you think!

 It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news on a new book being published soon and Club Penguin must’ve noticed this too because most book storeshave just announced a new Club Penguin book being released soon! The bookis called Dancing with Cadence #5. Due to it coming out in 2011, there is sadly no picture available. Below is all the information on this new book.

[Picture un-available at the moment, we will update as soon as the cover becomes available]

  • Age range: 6 to 8
  • Publish date: January 2011
  • Author: Tracey West
  • Price: $3.59 USD – $4.99 CND
  • Paperback: 80 pages
  • Language: English & French (More languages will be released after the book is released)

Hmm, 80 pages? Has Club Penguin ever had a book that long, besides theClub Penguin Ultimate Official Guides? That must be a pretty good book then, don’t you think? The name kind of leaves me anonymous, though. I have a small question for you guys. What do you think the upcoming Club Penguinbook: Dancing with Cadence #5 will be about? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

Rockhopper’s Club Penguin Plant Changes

Do you remember Rockhopper’s Plants? Well, one of his plants have changed, a lot. Before, there were lots of beautiful leaves upon the plant. Now, the leaves have fallen off Rockhopper’s big tree. You can take a look below:

Hmm, I wonder why the leaves are falling this beautiful tree. Why do you think the leaves are falling down from the tree? Comment and let me know what you think! 

Club Penguin Console Stamp Book Category! 

Our famous Club Penguin Stamps Books has got a new category called Console! Check out this picture i got:

This category might have the games Elite Penguin Force, Herbert’s Revenge and Game Day for the Nintendo Wii! What do you think about this category? Will you enjoy it? Let us know! 

Club Penguin August 2010 Mountain Expedition Cheats 

Today, Club Penguin released the Mountain Expedition. It’s a bit difficult to complete it, so we will help you complete it. Below is all the cheats to the free items, walkthrough and much more.

To begin the new Mountain Expeidtion, you must:

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Go to the Ski Village

If you are a non-member, you cannot go any further than this point. For members, you can go inside the Supply Store and pick up some climbing here. Then, start the Mountain Expedition by going upward on your screen. For the non-members, you can still pick up the free Furry Trek Hat.

To complete the first challenge of the Expedition you must:

  • Keep going upward until you get to frozen icicles blocking the path.
  • Keep clicking the icicles until all of them aren’t sticking out.
  • Now you may continue

This is the more difficult part. To complete final challenge of the Expedition, view the instructions below.

  • Go next to the ax located in the left.
  • A pile of snow will land on it. Now, you must click the leaf in the left corner.
  • Keep clicking the leaf until the ax glows. Now, click the ax.
  • Keep clicking the ax until the tree trunk falls.
  • Now, throw snowballs at the ringing icicles. They will fall and the tree will fly into the air and make a path.
  • Continue on the path upward.

Now you have reached the top of the Mountain. Congratulations! To claim your prize, click the barrel of flags. You can also get a free background by clicking the camera at the top. For more information, view the image below.

After the Expedition

After you’ve successfully completed the Mountain Expedition, you do not have to complete it again in order to get to the top of the Mountain. Now, you can easily go to the top of the Mountain by clicking the rope at the Supply Camp. For more information, you can view the image below.

The Secret Room

Sometime during the Mountain Expedition, there is a mysterious secret room. It most likely leads to a dead end, but there is a path that Club Penguinblocked. To get to the secret room, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the 3rd room of the Mountain Expedition
  • Click the sparkling rock in the lower-right corner.
  • Go inside the cave.

Inside the secret room is a mysterious path at the top. We are not sure where this leads to, but Club Penguin blocked it. It’s possible they will open it sometime in the future, but for now it remains anonymous.

Well, I find the whole Expedition was more or less fun. We got to solve some puzzles that led us to the top and along the way was a lot of penguins helping us out. Basically, I enjoyed the whole thing, but what about you? Did you likethe Mountain Expedition? Leave a comment and let us know! 

New Club Penguin Carabiner Pin Cheat 

 Every 2 weeks, Club Penguin releases another pin for us penguins to find. As a result, Club Penguin has released another hidden pin today! To obtain the newest – pin, read the instructions below.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Go to the Lighthouse
  • Go towards the boxes, located on the right side of the room.

Congratulations, you now have Club Penguin’s newest pin, the Carabiner Pin! Don’t forget to check back next week for Club Penguin’s next hidden pin. For now, I have a question for you guys. What pin would YOU like to see on Club Penguin? Leave a comment and let us know!

New Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Wallpaper! 

Club Penguin has released a new wallpaper. It’s about the Elite Penguin Force. It’s very creative too. Take a look below:

Awesome, right? In this wallpaper, it has a puffle on top of the shoulder of theElite Penguin Force penguin, and two other Elite Penguin Force agents. If you wish to see more Club Penguin wallpapers, then click here.  What do you think? Comment and let me know what you think! 

New Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Stamps 

 Club Penguin has released the Mountain Expedition. As a result, they’ve added 2 new stamps, too! The new stamps are yellow coloured, meaning they are a medium challenge. To see them, view the instructions below.

  • Open up your Stamp Book
  • Click the “Events” section.
  • Click the “Party section”

How to get the stamps

Happy room: Smile with a complete 10 penguins in 1 room.

Party Puzzle: Members only; solve 1 puzzle at a party.

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Information Revealed

 As we all know, the Club Penguin Mountain Expedition will be released sometime today, or tomorrow. I reviewed the Club Penguin Times a few times and I found a few interesting facts about the upcoming event that I’m going to share with you. For a lot of information, you can read the high-lighted text in the image below, or simply read the explanation and answers underneath the image.

Below are some questions that you might ask after reading the page. Underneath the questions will be the answers.

Where is the Mountain Expedition going to take place?

According to the Club Penguin Times, this is not the Tallest Mountain. It will be a different mountain on Club Penguin. We are not sure exactly what Mountain it will be, though. There has also been some suspicious talk about a Supply Camp.

What is the Supply Camp?

Well, it looks like it will be some kind of store for supplies or such. We are not sure of this, but according to the Club Penguin Times it says that the Non-Members can still lend a flipper by helping out at the Supply Camp. What I’m thinking is that this will be a new Gift Shop, but only for climbing gear. As I said before, we are still completely un-certain what the Supply Camp is.

Will Non-Members get to participate in the Mountain Expedition?

It looks like for the first week, no. According to the Club Penguin Times, only Members have access to the Mountain Expedition until August 18th. Either this means it will be available for everyone after 5 days (like they did when the Forest and the Cove were released), or this is a small party and it’s ending August 18th. There is a small chance this is a party, but we will get into that soon. The bottom line is, after the 5 Member-only days, we are un-certain what will happen to the Mountain Expedition.

Is this a Party, a Game or something else?

One of my favourite questions! The Club Penguin Times said you will be able to earn Stamps doing this. As a result, it’s most likely going to be a game. Look at it this way: how in any way will you earn stamps by being at one of Club Penguin’s party? Unless they get really inventive, that’s not very possible. Maybe there will be a few stamps added to the Activity section, but it’s most likely that the Stamps will be earned by a brand-new climbing game. Finally, the reason I said you don’t have to worry about the Mountain Expedition ending august 18th is because if it’s a game, why would they leave it for 5 days? Club Penguin has never done that before (aside from the Fall-Fair) and there would be no point to it. All games have been permanent and will stay like that.

Well, that’s all the answers I can provide. That one page actually revealed a lot, so I went in a bit deeper. I want to know, what stamps do you want to see added via Mountain Expedition? More added to the Activity section, or another  added to the Game section? Also, did this post help you learn more about the upcoming Mountain Expedition? Leave a comment and share you ideas with us!

Club Penguin Times Issue #252! 

  Club Penguin has released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times and here is a full review with the main headlines.

Club Penguin’s famous Mountain Expedition will be arriving on August 13 and penguins are going to be stunned!

Penguins are preparing for the climb of their lives! Starting August 13 the Mountain Expedition begins, which will test even the greatest climbing experts on the island.

Later in the newspaper, Club Penguin talks about penguin igloos and how they enjoy decorating them!

Igloos are an important part of life on Club Penguin. Those new to the island may not know about some of the cool designs available.

At the end of the newspaper, Club Penguin give us hints about upcoming events. Here are the upcoming events:

  • August 12: New pin!
  • August 20: New Better Igloos catalog, New Igloo Music, New Penguin Mail Postcards!
  • August 27: Squizoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl play returns to the Stage.

Well, the Mountain Expedition starts soon and this is going to be great! Be the first to know about the expedition and leave your thoughts in a comment below!

New Club Penguin Reviewed By You- Mountain Expedition 

 A new Club Penguin Reviewed by You has been posted on the Club Penguincommunity blog! Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what kind of challenges you may face while climbing to the top during the mountainexpedition, and the winner, Dry Ice124, said:

I always love new things on Club Penguin. I also love exploring new things. I’m going to love the mountain exploration. I wish there would be challenges to face and solve for the event. Maybe like saving or helping other penguins on the mountain or exploring new parts and places of the mountain like a cave or a tunnel! There’s going to be a lot of exploration and adventure! I’m so excited!!

This week, Club Penguin wants to know what your favorite igloo is to decorate! Post your response on the Community Blog, and tell us what you think!

Card-Jitsu Fire_find glitch!

 Hello penguins! Today, I was hanging out with my buddy, got distracted, my buddy, Abhinav234 left the room, I clicked on the Locate button. He was playing Card-Jitsu fire. But mysteriously it came up saying this:

Strange, isn’t it? But I mean, it’s easy to know it’s trying to say “Anes106 is playing Card-Jitsu Fire”. Leave a comment to let us know if it’s occurred with you TOO!

Learn how to “Play with fire” on Club Penguin!

 Hello penguins! Today I found a way to “mess” with fire on Club Penguin! Follow these simple steps to learn how to:

1. Log on to a player who is a fire ninja
2. Put on the whole fire suit.
3. Press W and D really fast and you should be messing with fire! This is what it looks like:

Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest Finalists

Last week, we had a little fun and decided to have a Caption Contest just for you guys! To view the contest rules and other informationclick here. If you do not know what a Caption Contest is, it’s a type of fun contest where you must fill in the empty speech bubble in a certain picture shown with the funniest message you can. Our picture featured my penguin, Matthew722, at the Dojo Courtyard watching a blank film. You can check out our Caption Contest’s picture below.

Like I promised, the contest lasted exactly 1 week and out of about 2,000 comments I’ve come up with 10 lucky finalists! Do not curse towards the finalists because you are mad. Please bee supportive and congratulate them. Would you like it if the same went to you? Anyway, you can view the 10 lucky finalists below!

Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Contest 10 Finalists

1. Sheeny9 said:

Matthew722: When they said this movie would darken your mind, they weren’t kidding.

2.  Coolman800 said:

Matthew722: Gary, can’t you get anything to work without it breaking again!

3. Mrswiggles10 said:

Matthew722: Ouch, I didn’t know that the fire was gonna be a 3-D effect!

4. Berries30009 said:

Matthew722: All I wanted to see was “Life of a Blind Penguin!

5. 71nedloh said:

Matthew722: When does a penguin have two flippers down and a huge frown? When they see this screen!

6. Luke234 said:

Matthew722: Hmm… This “on” button looks suspicious.

7. flippy1899 said:

Matthew722: Hmm… Where did I put that lens cover?

8. Bluey Master said:

Matthew722: When will “Closed for Winter” start?

9. kristin94456 said:

Mathew722: Hmm… I wonder what it would be like if I pushed the “ON” button..

10. Candoose said:

Matthew722: I hope my drill can fix this!

Enormous congratulations to the finalists, but note they haven’t won yet! Now it’s your turn to participate in the contest, too. Review the 10 finalists, and think which one you find is the funniest. Then, submit your vote by choosing 1 out of the 10 finalists in the newest poll on the right. After 1 week of voting, the penguin with the most votes will win a VIP party with the one and all, Chrisdog93! For the penguins who didn’t become a finalist, don’t be discouraged. Club Penguin CP will be having tons of Club Penguin Contest in the future, so keep checking back! If you’d like to simply congratulate the finalists or try to cheer everyone up, you can leave a comment below. Any fowl language WILL result in a spam and possibly getting you removed from commenting on Club Penguin CP. Please keep it clean! Again, congratulation finalists! 

Club Penguin: Have Secret Agents Done EPF 

A few months ago, a popcorn explosion occurred in the old HQ. There was a “To do list” and the first letter of each bullet point on the list spelled out “EPF”. However when I checked on the middle point: “Plan to catch Herbert”, I didn’t really know weather this means on the next Club Penguin Mission, Mission 12 or if this was on the new “Herbert’s Revenge” game.

Club Penguin maybe are still working on something to do with this? What do you think of this theory? Leave a comment and let me know. 

New Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #9 Cheats! 

 A new Club Penguin Field Op missions has released, and here are the Field Op cheats:

First, click on your EPF Spy Phone on your bottom left:

Go to the EPF HQ, and waddle over to the Field Ops screen. Click on it, and Gary will give you your instructions:

Accept the mission from Gary. Waddle over to the Soccer Pitch, and click on the cash register at the snack bar:

Once you’ve clicked on the cash register, your Spy Phone will ring. Click on it, and you will have to complete a mini game.

Match the figures in the correct place and you will receive a medal! You can use your medal to buy something in the EPF Catalog. What do you think? Do you think it was a hard mission? Comment and let us know!

New Club Penguin White Hoody with Purple Puffle Hooded Top 

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin has a released a new Club Penguin White Hoody and it even has a purple puffle hooded top. Here is how the new Club Penguin White Hoody with Purple Puffle Hooded Top looks like on you:

Do you have any Club Penguin Hoodies? Are you going to buy this New Club Penguin White Hoody? Do you have a purple puffle in your igloo? Comment and let us know your thoughts 

Interview with Club Penguin’s Creator, Lane Merrifield 

 Lane Merrifield, otherwise known as Billybob lately had an interview in London about Club Penguin releasing an iPhone/iPod Touch App soon! For the full story and more information on this, you can check out the video below.

iPod Touch and iPhone’s are currently un-able to login Club Penguin because it requires Flash Player and you cannot download anything into them. I wonder how they will make Club Penguin available without a Flash Player and most importantly, I wonder if it will be a free app. What do you think about this upcoming app? Will you upload it even if it costs money and will you use the Club Penguin app? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Chrisdog93′s August 2010 Club Penguin Party Review!

Hey, penguins! Chrisdog's party was awfully good. Here is what he had to say about it. 

Earlier today, I had one of the most insane parties in Club Penguin history! First of all, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can click here for information. Secondly, those who made the party were pretty lucky because the server Outback became full 2 hours before the party! You can check out the complete party below.

When I logged in Club Penguin for the party, I already couldn’t get in the Stadium! I tried for about 5 minutes, but no luck. From my amazement, there were exactly 4 rooms that were completely FULL! These room were the Soccer Pitch, Snow Forts, Plaza and Forest.

As a result, the party began at the Cove. After about 5 minutes, I ended up adding more than a total amount of 50 penguins. It wasn’t very fair because for the next hour of the party, I was only able to add 2 – 5 penguins. If you didn’t get added, I’m really sorry. Anyway, I slowly tried to get closer to the Stadium. So, we went up to the Forest where I created my new dance move: “The CD Spin”. Haha, long story. It was insanely fun, though.

After the Forest, I headed of to the Plaza. In the Plaza, I added a little more penguins. I was switching rooms a tad too fast, so I decided to wait there for everyone to get a chance to party with us. After gathering up the crowd, we all headed towards the Snow Forts for some snow-fighting fun! Since I felt bad that I couldn’t add anymore penguins, I sent about 50+ postcards in just that room!

After the Snow Forts, I tried to get in the Stadium. Guess what? It was still full! Believe it or not, the Stadium was actually full from 8:00 AM PST – 1: 30 PM PST, a whole 5 hours and a half! After this, I had a little competition at the Mountain. I played about 3 Sled Racing games and I decided to feature the lucky penguin who got in the 2 penguin ride: Takua4! Nice job man, you even beat me!

After the 3rd Sled Race, I had some trouble getting to both the Mountain & Ski Village, so we stopped by the Beach and hoped Rockhopper would arrive. As you know, he wasn’t there haha. We all crowded behind the Lighthouse. I hope we didn’t scare those fish that were there for years…

One of our last stops were at the Ski Village. It seems like a lot of penguins wanted a shout-out somehow. So, I had a little contest. The silliest dressed penguin would get featured right here, on Club Penguin CP. After about 5 minutes, I found a penguin’s outfit I just couldn’t stop laughing out. Haha, great outfit Shadowdoom3!

Our final stop was at the only place I can drink some tea and relax.. or not. It was my igloo. I’m not sure if it was just extremely crowded or the fact that my igloo is very small. Either way, after the party I had to do some MAJOR cleaning up!

Besides my igloo being destroyed with rampaging penguins, this was one of my favourite parties on Club Penguin! Again, I’m extremely sorry to all the penguins I couldn’t add. There were a lot of you, but I was only able to add 50 penguins. Some of you told me to delete others, but that wouldn’t be very fair to the penguins who worked hard to get added, correct? Also, I’m extremely sorry to the penguins who waited hours at the Stadium and I didn’t show up. It was so full, I couldn’t get in. Not even practically 50 tries! Anyway, don’t be sad or anything. I will be having tons of parties these next few months, so keep checking back! Besides some of these mis-understandments, the party was very fun. Cool, crazy, but mostly just very fun. I completely enjoyed this party, but what about you? How did you like the party? Fun, boring, crazy, cool? Share your ideas with us by leaving a comment and we will publish some of your comments right here on Club Penguin CP! 

Club Penguin Community Garden Tree Shrinking? 

The last time we saw the Community Garden Tree at the Mine Shack, it grew a lot with some flowers around it. Well, this time the flowers aren’t there! Maybe because Fall is coming soon. Take a look below:

Why aren’t the flowers around the tree anymore? Is it a glitch? Or maybe, the Community Tree is starting to shrink, and be a little plant since it’s been at the Mine Shack, what do you think? Comment and let us know what you think! 

Club Penguin Orange Puffle Gadget Pencil Case! 

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin has released a new Club Penguin GadgetPencil Case. Here is how the Club Penguin Gadget Pencil Case looks like with the orange puffle:

Are you getting ready for school? Did you buy items from Club Penguin for school? Comment and let us know what you think! 

Club Penguin’s Former Puffle Rescue Stamp Returning? 

 Last Monday, Club Penguin released an un-expected addition to the Stamp Book. The new stamp category was Puffle Rescue, in the Games section. The addition added 30 new stamps to the Stamp Book, giving it a total of 137 stamps to collect. For some reason, the stamps wouldn’t load. There was no stamp icon next to it, either. Then, a few hours later Club Penguin removed it from the Stamp Book.

We were all positive Club Penguin removed it so they could fix up all the bugs, but when the updates came on Tuesday there was still no Puffle Rescue Stamps! We waited until Thursday, which was yesterday. Club Penguin updated everything said in the Club Penguin Times, but still no Puffle Rescue Stamps. Was this just a test Club Penguin made and accidentally released it? Did Club Penguin remove it  and just fix the bugs, then release it next week? There are a lot of questions, but only Club Penguin has the answers. I’m not entirely sure what to think they’re up to, but what do you think Club Penguin is doing? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Theory!

Remember that the Mountain Expedition event is coming August 13th? Well, recently I’ve noticed that the mountain behind the Ski Village will be the mountain will be climb on August 13th. Now, we don’t know if this is true. It might be another mountain. Anyways, let’s take a look at the mountain at the Ski Village:

This might be true. We don’t know, yet. I guess we will have to wait and see. Now, there’s another mountain besides this one. The mountain in mission 1,the tallest mountain. You can see the tallest mountain below:

So, it’s either the mountain at the Ski Village, or the tallest mountain. What do you think? Comment with your best idea and we might be able to share it here! 

New Club Penguin Coloring Page! 

 Club Penguin released a new coloring page of the community blog. It’s about some penguins playing a snowball fight at the Snow Forts! Take a look below:

Awesome coloring page, do you agree? I really like this new coloring page. What about you? Comment and let me know what you think!

Club Penguin August 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

 A new Club Penguin clothing catalog has released, and here are the Club Penguin cheats to find all the hidden items! There's a whole bunch of'em

Here is how to find the first hidden item, the Green Hiking Boots:

  1. Go to the 3rd page of the Clothing Catalog.
  2. Click on the top of the mountain at the right.

Here is how to find the lasso:

  1. Go to the 3rd page of the Penguin Style catalog.
  2. Click on the green penguin’s flipper.

Here is how to find the Blue Duck:

  1. Go to the 4th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the bended tree near the center of the page.

Here is how to find the Mountain Climbing Gear:

  1. Go to the 4th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the brown penguin’s eye.

Here is how to find the 3D Glasses:

  1. Go to the 5th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click on the top of the tree on the left.

Here is how to find the Acoustic Guitar:

  1. Go to the 6th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click on the penguin’s foot.

Here is how to find the Rocker:

  1. Go to the 7th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click on the 2nd knob on the stereo.

Here is how to find the Supernova suit:

  1. Go to the 7th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click on the 1st knob on the stereo.

Here is how to find the Blue Sunglasses:

  1. Go to the 8th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click the circle on the other stereo.

Here is how to find the Purple Electric Bass:

  1. Go to the 9th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click on the Speaker.

Here is how to find the Red Sunglasses:

  1. Go to the 10th page of the Penguin Style catalog.
  2. Click on the board of the piano.

Here is how to find the Trombone:

  1. Go to the 11th page of the Penguin Style Catalog.
  2. Click on the Tiki figure on the top.

Here is how to find the Pink polka dots outfit:

  1. Go to the 11th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the penguin’s beak.

Here is how to find the Red Viking Helmet:

  1. Go to the 16th page of the catalog.
  2. Click on the bubble at the bottom.

Click and close the bubble three times for the blue viking helmet!

Here’s how to find the Duchess and the Duchess’ Dress:

1. Go to the twelfth page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the grapes on the right side.

Here’s how to find the Dragon Costume:

1. Go to the twelfth page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the fourth arm of the table.

Here’s how to find the the Beautiful Braid and the Emerald Dress:

1. Go to the thirteenth page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the curtain design.

Here’s how to find the Green Hooded Cloak:

1. Go to the seventeenth page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the rock which is on the center.


Club Penguin: Mountain Expedition Preparations 

 Since the Mountain Expedition is coming, preparations for the event have started at the Ski Village! Boxes of gear and materials needed for the big climb are being unpacked! Take a look at the Ski Village:

The mountain expedition starts August 13th! What are you looking forward to in the Mountain Expedition? Comment and let us know! 

New Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Login Screen!

A new Club Penguin login screen has released today! This login screen features the new Mountain Expedition, which arrives August 13th! Take a look at the new login screen:

In this login screen, you can see 2 penguins about to climb the mountain atthe Mountain Expedition! I can’t wait for the Mountain Expedition, are youlooking forward to it? Share your thoughts with a comment!

New Club Penguin Member Events August 2010

 Today, Club Penguin updated their membership page for August 2010! This month, there is a lot coming to Club Penguin for members! Take a look at what members can look forward to this month:

Here is a list of what is coming up for members in August:

  • Earn lots more stamps with exclusive challenges!
  • Customize your stamp book the way you like it.
  • Climb a dangerous mountain filled with mystery at the new MountainExpedition.

There is certainly a lot coming up to Club Penguin! What are you looking forward to the most? Comment and share your thoughts!

Club Penguin Times: Mountian Expidition Item Spoiler! 

 If you complete the Corssword/Word Search in the Club Penguin Times you will see club penguin has hidden Two more items that are going to be releced in the Mountian Expidition Party! Check Them Out:

They are both strings for you to climb up the monuntian with…. its very cool becauce climbers all around the world use them now, even Today!

Let me know what you think on other Climbing Items club penguin will releace by droping us a comment! 

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Items Sneak Peek! 

As most of you know, we have a big Club Penguin event coming our way calledthe Mountain Expedition. Here is a sneak peek of the two items that will be released during this event.

So far, your have just learned that there will be two items released during the Mountain Expedition. Who knows? There might be more too! What do you think? 

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #251 

Issue #251 of the Club Penguin Times has been released today! This new issue talks a lot about the mountain expedition, and stamp collecting. Let’s get started with the full review:

On page A2, Club Penguin talks about penguins filling up their stamp books! Penguins all across the island are working hard to fill up their stamp books, such as drilling at the iceberg, partying in your igloo, or meeting Ninjas at the dojo!

On Page A4, Club Penguin talks about the Mountain Expedition! This is an all-new event coming to Club Penguin, in which you will have to climb the mountains to solve the rumors about what is going on up there! The event will start August 16th at the Ski Hill.

Here are the upcoming events that you don’t want to miss:

  • August 6th- New Penguin Style Catalog!
  • August 13th- Mountain Expedition Party!
  • August 13th- New Pin Hidden
  • August 20th- New Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades Catalogs!


Club Penguin Glitch: P.S.A Missions not Working! 

Recently, I’ve noticed that the P.S.A missions aren’t working. It might be a miner glitch or bug, but at the moment if you click on any mission it won’t work. It just loads forever. Take a look below:

This glitch/bug has been happening for the past week. We don’t know when Club Penguin will fix this. This has nothing to do with your computer, it’s Club Penguin’s error.

A lot of penguins still want to play the P.S.A missions, because the E.P.F missions are short and come out every Monday. Please fix this Club Penguin! Thanks Cena12121 for telling us about this! If this glitch is fixed, please let us know by commenting below.

Club Penguin Game Day Talk!

 While I was browsing through some videos on You Tube I found an exclusive talk from Toys R’ Us of the new Club Penguin Game Day coming in September! Click on the link below to watch this video!

Click here to watch Club penguin Game Day Talk

It’s a small video, however we can see some exclusive game play as well as talking about the game! Will you buy Club Penguin Game Day? Let me know your thoughts in a comment!

New Club Penguin Reviewed By You: New Stamps! 

Today on the Club Penguin community blog, a new Club Penguin Reviewed By You has been released! Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know want kind of stamps you would like to see added to your stamp collecting book, andChillycat12 said:

I think there should be a make a difference stamp! For this stamp you can either donate to the coins for change when it comes around or help work at therecycling center! I think this will help people notice how they can make such a difference just by working together! You can even make friends while your working together. But every times someone helps, it makes a difference!

The Mountain Expedition is coming up on August 13th and this week, Club Penguin wants to know what challenges you may want to face while climbing to the top! Post your response on the Club Penguin Community “What’s New” Blog and tell us what you think! 

New Club Penguin Mountain Gear Sneak Peek! 

 Today, the new Club Penguin Reviewed By You has released! In the Reviewed By You, they ask us about the Mountain Expedition, and show us a picture with penguins wearing some new Mountain Gear:

It looks like the penguins are wearing some Mountain Gear! I think we will be able to get this Mountain Gear in the Penguin Style which comes out on Thursday, or maybe by completing the mountain expedition! What do you think about these new clothes? Share your thoughts in a comment!

Puffle Rescue stamps available for earning!

 Hello penguins! Today, Club Penguin released Puffle Rescue stamps! Check it out:

     We now have to earn 135 stamps to complete 

 the collection! Wow! Are you going to earn them all? Let me know in a comment!

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 8 Cheats 

A new Club Penguin Field Ops Mission has been released today, and here are the Club Penguin Cheats for the Field Ops!

To start the Field Ops, click your EPF Spy Phone in the bottom left.

Go to the EPF HQ, and waddle to the Field Ops screen at the right. Click on it, and view your mission.

Click on Accept Field Ops. Go to the Dojo, and waddle toward the movieprojector at the right which projects the Card Jitsu movie.

Your spy phone will start blinking green. Click on it, and engage the mission.

To beat the puzzle, all you have to do is match the symbols on the circles together, by clicking on them. After you have matched all of them, you will have completed the Field Ops! Claim your medal, which you can use to redeem Elite Gear! 

Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest! 

 It’s been a while since we’ve had a fun Club Penguin Caption Contest. So, get your thinking caps ready because we are having one right now! First of all, check out the picture below and think of something funny you could say at the moment.

Rules, Information and Prizes:

10 penguins who we thought had the funniest caption will be placed right here on Club Penguin CP in exactly one week. If you are not sure when that is, it will end on August 9th around noon. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment. Be as funny, crazy and random as you want. This is all for fun! To enter, please make sure we understand your caption by using paragraphs and making sure we know who said what. Also make sure to include your Club Penguin username so we know who you are if you become a finalist! For example:

Here’s my caption:

Matthew722: Is this movie ever going to start?

-Your Penguin Name Here

  • You may not enter more than 10 times.
  • You may not curse or use any other inappropriate language. Keep it clean!
  • You may not use more than 1 sentence.
  • Anything else that we might not find appropriate will be talked about with the owner, Chrisdog93, for approval.

After we have chosen our 10 favourite captions, we will post our finalists to let you know. From there, you will have yet another week to vote for your favourite caption out of the 10. The  penguin with the most votes at the end of the week will be the winner, but this winner will get a very special treat via Chrisdog93. The Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest winner will get a private party with the one and all, Chrisdog93! Yes, you heard right. The party will most likely take place in the penguin’s igloo, so nobody else can disturb in any way. Unless you decide to have it in a crowd. It’s all up to you! That’s not all, you will also be added! Sound fair? So, start commenting, the caption contest starts NOW!


Club Penguin: Tour Guide Paycheck in Mail!

It’s the first day of August, which means we got our Tour Guide paycheck in our mailbox. Each month, we earn 250 coins for our hard work giving tours to new penguins. Here’s what the paycheck looks like:


Awesome, right? Maybe since the PSA doesn’t pay us anymore, we should get 250 coins from the EPF each month, do you agree? Comment and let me know!


Club Penguin Pink Stylish Sneakers!

A new pair of Club Penguin sneakers has been released in stores for purchase. Check out a picture of the sneakers:

These sneakers are pink and it has a picture of the yellow, pink and purple puffles. This pair of shoes is great for the park in summer so what do you think of them? 

Club Penguin’s Sensei not an Achievement for the Stamp Book! 

Club Penguin released their newest hit, stamps, this Monday and their have been many to achieve! I’ve recently noticed that under the Characters section, they have all the famous penguins, except Sensei! They currently have Rockhopper, Gary, Cadence, Penguin Band Members and Cadence but Sensei has not been features. You can view the Character section in the Stamp Book below.

Do you think Club Penguin forgot, or are they waiting to add this stamp for a certain reason? It seems a bit abnormal for Club Penguin to forget a famous character they control, so they must’ve not included Sensei for a reason.. Why do you think Sensei is currently not available for an achievement in the stamp book? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Club Penguin Drilling and Fire Ninja Glitch! 

Today, I was waddling around earning stamps when I found a few glitchesthat I decided to share with you guys. They are 100% accurate and very fun to use in front of a crowd for a good laugh. The first glitch is called the Swimming Drill. To complete this glitch follow the instructions below.

  • Login Club Penguin.
  • Put on any coloured hard hat.
  • Go to the Iceberg located in the top right of your map.
  • Click the Aqua Grabber, but don’t play it. Simply click ‘No’ when it asks if you wish to play.
  • From there, click downward from the Aqua Grabber into the water section.
  • Finally, click the letter on your keyboard.

After successfully completing these steps, you should be drilling on water! The last glitch I found is called The Ultimate Flame. To complete this glitch, follow the instructions below.

  • Login Club Penguin.
  • Put on the Fire Ninja Outfit. This includes the mask (Head item), the Lava Mask (Face item), the Flame Shoes (Feet item) and the Fire Ninja Shirt (Body item).
  • Go to the Hidden Lake.
  • Go towards the deepest end in the lake, located next to the secret door.
  • Click the letter on your keyboard.

After successfully completed these steps, you should be lighting fire underwater! I find these glitches aren’t an ordinary a glitch, just a funny error you can perform. What do you think of these glitches? Will you perform them in front of many penguins? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Exclusive Club Penguin Red Spikester & Yellow Sports Gear Being Released Soon! 

The new Club Penguin Wii Game: Game Day is being released soon and it got us wondering with all the yellow sports gear. I recently found in the trailer that to get these exclusive items, you must complete a certain level of the game and you can transfer the exclusive items into your real Club Penguin account! It’s like the newest EPF Nintendo DS Game: Herbert’s Revenge, but if you want to transfer it to your real Club Penguin account you must have Wi-Fi Connection.

Anyway, after the message I realized they showed a penguin’s player card of 2 exclusive items that are in the game and will be released when the game comes out! You can view them below.

The 2 exclusive items feature:

  • Red Spikester – Head items
  • Yellow Hockey Jersey – Body Item

If the yellow hockey jersey is available as an exclusive transfer, then it is most likely all the sports gear will be released in yellow too, correct? I can’t wait until this game becomes available! I’m going to try my best to get all the exclusive items, what about you? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us! [Thanks, BirdyCP] 

Club Penguin Mysterious Stamp To Be Revealed? 

Billybob, the owner of Club Penguin, recently gave 4 sneak peaks to what is coming up in August. One of them was about the Mountain Expedition coming up. Another was a red looking fish, but it’s hard to determine at the moment. One of the last one was the EPF. Which means  there are most likely going to upgrade that a bit. There was on that caught my attention, though. The one with the mysterious stamp inside the bubble.

It looks like it’s going to be introduced in Puffle Rescue, the level for the Black Puffle! Also, I’m still wondering if this stamp will only be released in this game. It’s in blue, so it obviously means it is a tough stamp to get. You may think I’m exaggerating a bit, but does that stamp remind you of anything?

Yes, that last mysterious page of the stamp book. I have a feeling Club Penguin might just be giving an example that new stamps will be available this August, but their pictures are usually exactly how it looks when released. So, will we really find a mysterious stamp inside a bubble? What do you think it will do? So many questions, not even 1 answer. Maybe we can get somewhere, though. Leave a comment and let us know what you think this stamp will do! 

New Possible Club Penguin Sports Gear Colour: Yellow 

Today, Club Penguin released a trailer of the upcoming Club Penguin Wii Game: Game Day. The trailer showed that the game is mostly about playing sports game, except the real game. Such as the Soccer Stadium won’t be a soccer ball you have to kick into the next. It will be a real virtual soccer game! Pretty cool, right? Anyway, like normal sport teams you have to choose a specific colour. Club Penguin currently has 3 sports gear colours: blue, red and the new green. In the Club Penguin Game Day trailer, they had the colours blue, red, green and a mysterious yellow! If they have released the yellow colour in the game, why would they stop them from making yellow sport gears in the real virtual world? Today, I’m going to show you what the possible upcoming colour will be with the gear. Note that the pictures are fake. They are just an example; an edit.

Below is the outfit for the football gear in the colour yellow. The football gearcurrently includes a helmet and a jersey. It also includes a football, but that will remain the same colour.

Below is the outfit for the hockey gear in the colour yellow, too. The hockey gear currently includes a jersey. It also includes a helmet and hockey stick, but they will remain the same colour.

Below is the outfit for cheerleading in the colour yellow. Yes, it is not a sports gear, but it is featured in the trailer and it has to do with sports. Also, it hasthe outfit in colours red, blue and green, too. The cheerleader outfit includes a cheerleading dress. It also includes a wig and pompoms, but those will remain the same.

Finally, below is the outfit for the soccer gear in the colour yellow. The soccer gear currently includes a jersey. It also includes soccer cleats and a soccer ball, but they will remain the same colour.

Thanks for the awesome pictures, Frenzen! I actually find yellow suits thesports gear, don’t you find? Blue, red, green and yellow are one of the most popular colours in the world, so it would make a good addition. Do you think these colours suit the sports gear? Most importantly, will you even wear this gear if it is released? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

Club Penguin Shovel Snow In Water Cheat! 

Today, I was shoveling snow with my buddies on Club Penguin when it came to my attention that we started shoveling snow in water! Here is a guide on how to preform this cheat:

  1. Log on Club Penguin.
  2. Open your map.
  3. Go to the Beach.
  4. Stand on the right side of the room beside the water.
  5. Put on your shovel.
  6. Press on you keyboard or use the emotion menu to do so.

This Club Penguin Cheat can be preformed in multiple rooms. Here is a list:

  • Dock
  • Ice Berg
  • Underground Pool
  • Cove
  • Hidden Lake
  • Under Water Room

Were you able to do this cheat? Did you like it? Let us know!

Come Party With Chrisdog93 on Club Penguin! 

It has been a while since Chrisdog93 have hosted a party on Club Penguin, so he have decided to host one before summer ends! The community at Club PenguinCP has been growing at a fast pace lately, which makes this one of the greatest times to have a party on Club Penguin! He can promise you that this will be one of the best parties that he will ever host!

Here are all of the details for the party:

Server: Outback
Room: Stadium
Date: Saturday, August 7
Time: 12:30 P.M. Club Penguin Time

Here is the Club Penguin Time you are having trouble figuring out which time fits your time zone, use this:

10:30 A.M. Mountain Time
3:30 P.M. Eastern Time
9:30 A.M. Pacific Time
11:30 A.M. Central Time

I will be adding many new buddies at the party, so if you come, be sure to try to add me as a buddy! That’s right, I am now giving you all the chance to be buddies with Coolboy1000000, my penguin. I will be adding over 45 buddies on Club Penguin!

This party will be huge and will be one of the biggest parties in Club PenguinCP history, and I am sure that many penguins will be coming! There is so much to look forward to at the party! Many other penguins will be there that you might recognize, so don’t miss out. Are you going to come to the party? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Club Penguin: Coming Up in August Sneak Peek! 

 Today on the Club Penguin community blog, Billybob gave us a sneak peek of what is coming in August! There are many exiting events coming up for us, and here is the sneak peek:

There sure is a lot coming in August! There will be a brand new event called the Mountain Expedition ! Additionally, we can expect more stamps to come and even more upgrades for Elite Agents! Many things are coming up to look forward to, I can’t wait for the Mountain Expedition! What are you looking forward to? Comment and let us know!

New Club Penguin Wii Game- Game Day Trailer! 

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin released an awesome trailer of the new upcoming Nintendo Wii game – the Club Penguin Game Day. Lets take a look at the amazing Club Penguin game:

Do you like the trailer? Please rate! Comment and let us know your thoughts!


New Club Penguin Wii Game – Game Day Sneak Peeks! 

Hello Penguins! As we all know Club Penguin Game is a new Wii Game which will be coming by September, 2010. Anyone can play this game, because it’s multiplayer game for everyone to play. The game will have mini Club PenguinGames, Club Penguin Missions with other amazing stuff!

Here is Cadence waiting for you to play a her DJ3K game:

This is a picture of  DJ3K game inside Club Penguin Game Day:

Here there are some weird looking hockey girl players:

You can meet Garry and Sled and Slide:

Earn coins by drawing a snowman:

Penguins are warming up before playing a game:

This game looks like racing with your puffle:

Snow fighting is probably the best game:

The game is amazing! Are you going to buy the new Club Penguin game? Do you have a Wii? Comment and let us know what you think! 

Club Penguin A Search-and-Find Book 

Club Penguin has released a new book which will be coming out in February 2011. Check out the front cover:

  • Reading level: Ages 4-8
  • Paperback: 24 pages
  • Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (February 3, 2011)
  • Release date: February 3, 2011
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0448453908
  • ISBN-13: 978-0448453903

Who would not love a search-and-find book? I am sure all Club Penguin fans will love this book! What about you? 

New Club Penguin Series 9 Mix N’ Match Mini Figures! 

 Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has released a new Club Penguin Series 9 of Mix N’ Match Mini Figures. The new Club Penguin Series 9 Mix N’ Match Mini Figures has 2 penguins, Blizzard Wizard Penguin and the Princess Penguin. Let’s take a look at the amazing penguins:

I like the wizard penguin, because he looks cool! Which one do you like more? Comment and share us your unheard thoughts!

New Club Penguin Sled Racing Glitch – How to do the Sled Racing Glitch! 

There’s a new Club Penguin Glitch on Club Penguin! Here is how to do the Sled Racing Glitch:

1. Click on the map in the upper left.
2. Go to the Ski Hill.
3. Go to the Penguin Run Truck of Sled Racing.

Sled Glitch

4. You should wait until you see the fourth penguin getting on.
5. Click on the Penguin Mail.
6. While your Penguin Mail is open, you will hear Club Penguin Music only if you are Sled Racing.
7. Click on a postcard that will take you to another room, you can do this only if you hear Sled Racing Music!

8. You should be located in the room of the postcard that you clicked.
9. Go to the Ski Hill again.
10. Go to the Penguin Run Truck of Sled Racing again.
11. You will be sled racing again while your Penguin Mail will be open.

12. Close the Penguin Mail and you will be slide racing at someone else (another penguin).

Congratulations, you have done the New Club Penguin Sled Racing Glitch!

Club Penguin Orange Puffle Notebook/Notepad! 

Hello Penguin’s! Today Club Penguin has a released a new Club PenguinNotebook which has a Orange Puffle as it’s cover page. Let’s take a good look how Club Penguin’s Orange Puffle Notebook looks like:

Do you have any other Club Penguin Notebooks? I love orange puffles, how about you? Why do you like the orange puffle? Comment and share with us your thoughts! 

New Club Penguin Ice Fishing Wallpaper! 

Today, Club Penguin has released a new wallpaper on the Community blog page. Take a look below:

Pretty cool, right? In this picture, you can see a penguin fishing for some fish. You can see more Club Penguin wallpapers by clicking here. What do you think? Comment and let us know what you think and we might be able toshare it here! 

New Club Penguin Exclusive Wallpaper! 

Hello Penguins! Today I’ve got an exclusive Club Penguin Wallpaper to show you! This wallpaper has not yet been released on the Club Penguin Communitypage, and is only found here!

This wallpaper was found when playing on the Disney UK website on the ‘Bafta Awards 2009′. The Club Penguin wallpaper has gone off the Web Bafta Awards Site now. Comment and let us know what you think of the wallpaper! 

Club Penguin: Rotate Stamps In Your Stamp Book!

Hello Penguins!

Did you know you can rotate your stamps and pins on the front cover of your stamp book…

Here is how to do it, just follow these steps.

  1. Click on your player card
  2. Click on the Stamp on your player card
  3. Once the stamp book appears on your screen click the ‘Pencil’ Button or the ‘Edit’ Button
  4. Select a Stamp that is on your stamp book all ready or just simply add on to the front cover and press the Arrow Keys ‘→’ or ‘←’ and you should be able to rotate your stamps.
  5. Once you’ve got your stamps rotated in the position you want it to be click the ‘Save Button’


Club Penguin Compass Pin Cheats! 

Club Penguin has released a new pin. Here is a complete guide on how to find the new Club Penguin Compass pin:

  1. Open the map.
  2. Go to the Plaza.
  3. Walk into the underground pool.
  4. Walk through the door into the Boiler Room.
  5. Walk over the Club Penguin Compass pin.

This Compass pin might be about the Mountain expedition! We might get a Compass as a free item during the expedition! What do you think? 

Upcoming Club Penguin Model Making Kit: The Plaza 

Ever wanted to learn how to build a Club Penguin model? Well, I’ve been swarming around and I’ve discovered that the Club Penguin author, Katherine Noll, will soon be releasing the first ever Model Making Kit! The book will teach you how to build the Plaza, including the Pet Shop, Stage, Pizza Parlour and even cardboard penguins! You can view the book’s cover below.

Here’s all the information that is currently official. Other information cannot be determined at the moment.

  • Paperback: 24 pages
  • Release Date: October 19th Canada – October 14th USA
  • Language: English/French (There will be other languages published after the book is released)
  • Author: Katherine Noll
  • Price: $11.95 CDN (Canada) – $8.76 USD (United States of America)
  • Ages: 9 – 12
  • My opinion is this book will be an enormous success. It’s going to be pretty cool to learn how to actually build the Plaza! Don’t you find? I want to know, what do you think of this book? Will you buy it and most importantly, will you use it? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us! 

    Club Penguin Orange Puffle Pencil Case! 

    Club Penguin has brought to us a new pencil case for students to buy for the new academic year. This is how the whole Club Penguin Pencil Case looks like:

    This Club Penguin pencil case is wrapped in a cheery design of Puffles, it contains a rollerball pen, pencil, highlighter, 15cm ruler, eraser, sharpener, mini stapler and staples plus a mini hole punch. What do you like and dislike about this pencil case? Let me know! 

    Club Penguin Twin Puffle Pen Set! 

    Club Penguin has released another great product for journalists. This product made is a pen set! Take a look:

    This pen set will make you teacher’s pet with help from those Club Penguinpets as they scribble notes using the two rollerball pens, whose cheery puffle design matches that on the Velcro fastening presentation box. What do you think of this Club Penguin pen set? 

    Club Penguin Community Tree Grows Bigger! 

    If you have recently visited the Mine Shack, you would notice that the Club Penguin Community Tree has grass grown around it! Here is a picture of the tree:

    Soon, grass will be filled around the tree. That will look beautiful for the summer. A great theory is that this tree will grow good in the summer but when winter comes, the leaves will start falling off. It might turn out to be the tree cycle. What do you think? 

    Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Predictions 

     Update: Thank to all of your comments, I’ve put them all together and made my very own theory! It MAY be possible that this will be a Rock Climbing game and once completed, you will be teleported to the Tallest Mountain! For example, after playing Card Surfing you end up in the Mine Shack and you land in a certain area after crashing in Jet Pack Adventure, correct? Keep commenting, your theories are great!

    Club Penguin recently added a surprising event to the newest Club PenguinTimes newspaper, which was released earlier today. It was called the Mountain Expedition. There was not much information given, but the phrases in the event got me wondering..

    I started to think, and I’ve cleared up this has to be either a new game, (15%), party (7&) or a new room (78%). The reason I highly doubt it’s a party is because what would be the point of making a party for one room? They might, but there wouldn’t be much sense to it.. The phrase “Join the Climb – Explore new heights!” kept referring to a new room we can explore. I don’t know if that’s just me, or if everyone is thinking it. Anyway, I started thinking what room it could be. The only words that came into my mind were “Tallest Mountain”. There have been rumours this room would open ever since Mission #1. Also, they actually brought this room to us during last year’s Festival of Flight which was launched the EXACT same day this event is coming! You can view the 2 rooms below.

    Is it possible they will make this a permanent room? It could be, considering they’re looking for features to add to the stamp collection. If there is a Tallest Mountain being released, I would love to see it! I would play the most insane Sled Racing game anyone have ever witnessed! Haha. What do you think this Mountain Expedition will be? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

    Club Penguin Times Newspaper #250! 

    Club Penguin has released the 250th issue of the Club Penguin Times which means this week is the 250th week since Aunt Arctic made her first Newspaper! Check out this weeks newspapers important headlines:

    Club Penguin’s biggest topic on this issue of the Club Penguin Times is Stamps. Here is what they have to say about Stamps:

    Stamps are taking the island by storm as penguins try to collect them all. Lots of penguins are discovering that they can earn stamps in surprising ways.

    The Club Penguin Times is pleased to announce that it has reached its 250th issue. Here’s a message from Aunt Arctic:

    I want to thank all our loyal readers and everyone who sent questions, jokes and more. We couldn’t have done it without you.

    Wow! The Club Penguin Times team and Aunt Arctic are really happy that they reached to this point.

    Here are the upcoming Club Penguin events:

    • August 6: Penguin Style catalog.
    • August 13: Mountain Expedition.
    • August 20: Better Igloos catalog and Igloo Upgrades catalog.

    A Mountain Expedition? Who said anything about a Mountain Expedition? Do you think this is the beginning of Card Jitsu Water or Snow? Or is it just new room going to be added? Let us know what you think! 

    Club Penguin Stamp Book: Mystery Page Cheat! 

    Today on Club Penguin, I was earning some stamps by playing some games, and I opened up my stamp book. While I was looking around, I found something really cool that almost nobody knows. It’s a mystery page that’s inside your stamp book. This mystery page will be unlocked when you have collected all the stamps, and you might receive a reward or a free item. If you wish to find the mysteries page, follow these steps below: First, log on Club Penguin and open up your stamp book. Click on it, and your stamp book will appear. All your stamps will appear in your book.

    On the contents page, you will see ‘Pins’ listed in the book. Now, on the right of the stamp book, you will a pins tab. Click on that, and it will take you to your pins page. On this page, it shows you all the pins you’ve collected on Club Penguin. If you have a lot of pins, you will see an arrow allowing you to scroll down to see more pins you’ve collected.

    Click on the bottom of your stamp book to turn the page, once you’ve clicked it, it will take you to the mystery page.

    There’s a big question mark in the middle of the page along with some penguins. I wonder what will happen in the future. It will take almost a year to complete this stamp book because we need all the stamps including the ClubPenguin characters.

    There’s only one question for you guys to answer: What do you think will be on this page? Leave a comment below telling us what you think will be on this page in the future! 

    New Club Penguin Reviewed By You Talks About Pins! 

    Today, Club Penguin has released another Reviewed By You. Every Wednesday, they add a new topic to the Reviewed By You and any penguin may respond to the question Club Penguin asks you at the bottom of every the post. If they really like your response, they will include it into their next Reviewed By You post and you will obtain a free 10,000 coins! Click here to leave a comment and have a chance to win the free 10,000 coins.

    Anyway, last Reviewed by you Club Penguin asked what was ou favourite pin of all time.. Friitzee08 was the winner of the response and he said:

    I’ve collected a lot of pins over the year. And they’re all so great. But, I prefer a special one. Like the recycle pin! It’s a small symbol, but it changes the world by a %100. I’m pretty sure it’s made out of recycled stuff from the recycle center near the mine (; Each pin, I have stands for something. So, I try to wear a new one everyday to show my ‘pin-spirit’!

    Nice work Friitzeeo8! For this week, Club Penguin asks us what new stamps WE would like to see added. Please make your comment lower than 75 characters, though. I would like to see a Dance Contest stamp added to the games slot. That’s just me, since I love to dance haha. What about you? Which stamp would you like to see added? Leave a comment and let us know! 

    New Exclusive Upcoming Club Penguin Stamp! 

    The stamps have been quite a popular addition to Club Penguin ever since it became available and like every popular upgrade, there are exclusives to be searched for. Today, an exclusive upcoming Club Penguin stamp has been revealed and has been shown no where, except for here. You can view the exclusive upcoming stamp below.

    The stamp has a blue icon, meaning it will be under the hard section. If you cannot see the picture above, it features a light blue penguin wearing a wig and the adventure face print. I wonder what you will have to do to achieve this stamp.. I want to know, what do you think we will have to do? Comment and let us know! 

    Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 7 Cheats 

    Due to the stamps being released, Club Penguin has delayed the newest Field-Ops and has been released today. Yet another devious plan by the one and all, Herbert, has come and we must solve it. To complete this week’s Field-Ops, please read below.

    First of all, click your EPF phone located at the bottom left corner, above the Map. Once you’ve clicked it, there will be a notification that the new Field-Ops is out and it is your duty to solve it. Therefore, click ‘Go there’. If you do not have an EPF phone, you can get one by successfully completing the test at the Every Day Phoning Facility located in the Ski Village.

    Click the yellowish screen on the right of the EPF Headquarters. Gary will give you a hint of where the Field-Ops is located. Make sure to click “Accept Field-Op” before searching, or else your EPF phone will not detect the device even if you are right next to it. This Field-Op mission is next to the On/Off switch in the giant light bulb, located at the Beacon. If you still can’t find it, view the image below.

    Now that you are at the mission, you must complete it. To complete the Field-Ops #7, you have to move the electrical remote control towards the chips without getting electrocuted several times. After a while, you must go back to the Recharger to recharge your battery, so you can power-up the chips. Note to recharge the last chip you must obtain the key, first. If you are still confused a tad, view the image below for a better view of what you have to.

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Field-Ops #7, your reward is once again one medal. With this medal, you can buy some sweet EPF gear! There will be a new Field-Op every Monday, so be ready! I find this Field-Ops was exciting considering it was a bit harder than the others. What do you think, though? Leave a comment and let us know! 

    Club Penguin Mini Game Levels Locked for Non-Members 

    The new feature Club Penguin brought yesterday, Stamps, have already made some big changes to the whole MMORPG game itself. Most penguins have now noticed that there have been several game levels that are now locked for non-members!

    One of the locked levels is DJK3. There used to be 3 play tracks and the rest would be only available for members. Now, Club Penguin has only made the classic disc available for non-members. Check it out below!

    That’s not even close to the finish, though. On Catchin’ Waves, the top difficult experiences, Competition and Survival, have now been locked to all non-members. The only levels non-members have access to is Surf Lesson and Freestyle. You are still able to bring your red puffle with you, though.

    The third game level that has been locked for non-members is level 2+ of Jet Pack Adventure. You can successfully complete level 1, but if you wish to continue from that stage you will get a membership message. To see the message, view the image below.

    The fourth game level that has been locked for non-members is level 11+ on Thin Ice. There are about 20 levels in all, but if you wish to continue after level 10 it will give you another membership message. This time, it shows your points and asks you if you’d like to buy a membership. You can view the membership message image below.

    Thin Ice isn’t the only mini-games level in the Dance Lounge that has been locked for non-members. Astro-Barrier decided to share the experience and non-members cannot pass level 5. Levels 6+ are available to only members. You can view the membership message image below.

    Finally, the last mini-games level that is blocked is Soda Seas of the game Aqua Grabber. Non-Members can only play Clam Waters, now. You can view this membership message image below.

    Have you noticed what 5/6 of these games have in common? They all have a certain achievement in them to earn a stamp. Club Penguin only did this so that way members have their own stamps. So, when they decided to add those 5 games to the stamp list, they had to make some stamps that only members can achieve. Therefore, they had to block some levels. If you are wondering if anymore levels will be locked for non-members, they answer isyes. They will be continuously adding stamps which means they will be adding new stamps to the game collection. Once a new game is available for stamp achievements, they will lock levels from that game.

    I agree with the fact that members get more stamps, as all virtual worlds give members more variety then non-members, but to take away game levels? That’s outrageous! Non-members deserve some mini-game fun, too! Yes, you can say I deeply disagree with this upgrade, but they didn’t have much of a choice.. What do you think of this upgrade? Leave a comment and let us know!